San Roque Prayer

san roque prayer

The San Roque prayer is a devotional prayer that is addressed to St. Roque, who is venerated as the patron saint of plague and infectious diseases. The prayer is often recited by Catholics and Christians during times of sickness or epidemic outbreaks, seeking the intercession of St. Roque for protection and healing. The prayer generally acknowledges the saint’s miraculous healing powers and asks for his assistance in times of need. Many believers hold the San Roque prayer in high regard, believing it to be a powerful means of invoking the saint’s aid and finding comfort and hope during times of illness or distress.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for San Roque Prayer. May God Bless You!

San Roque Prayer

O Blessed St Roch,
Patron of the sick, have pity on those who lie upon a bed of suffering. Your power was so great when you were in this world, that by the sign of the Cross, many were healed of their diseases. Now that you are in heaven, your power is no less. Offer to God our sighs and tears and obtain for us the physical and spiritual health we seek: (Share your request…) This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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