Golfers Prayer

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Golfers Prayer . May God Bless You!

Golfers Prayer 1

Great God of the Fairways,
Who has designed our lives from tee to green, your holy and blessed name is at the top of our leader board.
We thank you for the friendships and fellowship that we share today. May our swings land us on each green in regulation and draw us ever closer to the flagstick of your presence
Give us this day a great round, where our drives soar down the center of the fairway, our irons grant us an approach, and our putts roll in.
Forgive us, Lord, when we are out of bounds, as we forgive others who hit into our fairways. Grant us the mulligan of your grace and confidence to swing again, trusting in the promise of new life through Christ our Lord’s death on the cross and His resurrection.
Deliver us from the hazards of play and penalty strokes, and lead us not into the woods, the water, or sand traps. For Thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and forever.

Golfers Prayer 2

You’ve blessed us with the beauty of nature, the abilities of mind and body, plus the insights of modern technology. These blessings join together today in the sport, Golf.
Be with us, that we may enjoy
each moment of today’s outing.

Golfers Prayer 3

Our vision be keen as an eagle’s,
our drives straight as aces,
our irons sure as the birdies’ flight,
our putts true and on the mark,
and the fellowship above par
May we call upon your Holy Name only
in praise, and leave cursing the Devil
to those more qualified
And, if it be your Will, a good score
would make today heavenly.

Golfers Prayer 4

Almighty God,
As we play through our 18 holes of life, we pray that you will give us a drive that’s both long enough to reach our goals, and yet straight enough to keep us out of trouble. Help us avoid the traps and hazards of life; nevertheless, should we find ourselves in them, give us the tools, skills, and desire to escape them with no penalty. May we always stay in bounds. Help us to be willing to stand by – and not play through – those in genuine need. May we always play with honor. And finally, when we’ve putted out on the 18th green, we pray that we will have demonstrated the integrity of our character, so that you will judge us worthy enough to join your threesome and play eternally on your heavenly course.

Golfers Prayer 5

As I walk down the fairways of life,
help me to realize that my greatest opportunities to learn
are actually when I am in the rough,
where I discover things I never knew were there,
and when I’m in the deepest sand,
where I learn that there is a time to walk softly,
and clean-up after myself,
and when I’m playing scramble,
where I learn that I have friends
to make up for what I lack,
and when I find the water,
where I learn that some things
are better left alone.
And when the ball rolls into the hole
for that wonderful par,
help me to realize that
all good things come from you.

Golfers Prayer 6

Dear God,
We are grateful for the chance we had today to play the game of golf. We are thankful for the exercise it provided for our bodies, for the sense of companionship we experienced with other golfers, and for the opportunity we had to enjoy the beauty of creation. Open our minds and hearts to the lessons this game can teach us about life�.. that we shouldn’t give up after a few bad holes, because things will probably get better if we just keep trying�. that we need to be flexible, if the nine iron won’t do the trick, maybe the pitching wedge will�.. that the lowest handicaps aren’t necessarily earned by the women with the latest fashions in golfing attire or the most expensive set of clubs, but by those who work hard at their game with patience and persistence.
Bless each person here whether she ended up a winner or loser when the scorecards were handed in today, for if we enjoyed the game we played together we really were all winners. We ask now for your blessing on this food.

Golfers Prayer 7

I ask your blessings on my game,
As this little ball I try to tame.
This small, dimpled ball that I love so,
May it always land where it should go.
May I never swing against the wind,
When through the air this ball I send.
And Lord, it would so increase my fun,
If I could just hit a hole in one.

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