St Dwynwen Prayer

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for St Dwynwen Prayer. May God Bless You!

St Dwynwen Prayer 1

Oh Blessed Saint Dwynwen,
You who knew pain and peace, division and reconciliation, You have promised to aid lovers and you watch over those whose hearts have been broken. As you received 3 boons from an Angel, intercede for me to receive 3 blessings to obtain my heart’s desire (state requests). If that’s not God’s will, a speedy healing from my pain, your guidance and assistance that I may find love with the right person the right way in the right time, and an unshakable faith in the boundless kindness and wisdom of God. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

St Dwynwen Prayer 2

Dear Lord,
We thank You for giving us St. Dwynwen as an example of holiness. Help us to imitate the virtue she showed in her relationship with the man she loved. St. Dwynwen, you fell deeply in love with a man and wished to marry him. You were unable to marry this man you loved, but you chose to continue striving for holiness and serving God. Please bring my petitions before God Whom you chose to serve! Though you felt deep pain over being unable to marry your beloved, you did not wallow in your sufferings. Instead, you served God faithfully as a nun for the rest of your life. Pray for me, that I may choose to serve God faithfully, no matter what sufferings I might endure. Pray that I may choose to strive for holiness and virtue in all areas of my life. Please also pray for (mention your intentions here). St. Dwynwen, pray for us! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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