Duck Hunter Prayer

Duck Hunter Prayer

“Duck Hunter’s Prayer” is a poem that expresses the deep connection between a hunter and nature, specifically ducks. It is a spiritual reflection on the joys and challenges of the hunt, as well as a recognition of the natural cycle of life and death. The poem asks for guidance and gratitude, acknowledging the hunter’s role as a steward of the land and animals. It speaks to the reverence that hunters have for the natural world and the importance of preserving it for future generations. Overall, the “Duck Hunter’s Prayer” is a beautiful tribute to the timeless tradition of hunting and the deep bond that exists between hunters and the natural world.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Duck Hunter Prayer. May God Bless You!

Duck Hunter Prayer 1

May God provide us with good health and safe ventures. May the rain and sleet only start after the hunt has ended. May the wind be strong and from the Northwest and the spot we wanted, be there for us and not the jerk from last year.

Duck Hunter Prayer 2

Gracious and loving God,
We thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us. We thank you for your creation; especially the lakes, streams, marshes, and potholes. We thank you for the freedom we have to pursue the tasty birds that inhabit those lakes and streams. May God provide us with good health and safe ventures. May the alarm work, and we never oversleep. During the season, may the clouds be gray, the wind from the northwest, and the rain periodic so the birds move. May the coffee stay warm as well as our toes and fingers. And the duck boat not leak, along with the waders and boots. May our decoys attract the wariest of ducks and our firearms and ammo never cause us failure. And when our hunting buddy misses that perfect shot or trips in the pre-dawn darkness and falls into the water, let us laugh heartily to ourselves — in silence — and offer only sympathy and kindness instead of mockery. May our shots be true and may the birds suffer no pain. May our dogs make the perfect retrieve. May our wives tolerate us and this craziness called duck hunting, and may they at least pretend to understand. May we always treat the nature that you have created with respect and benevolence, and not with exploitation. And Lord, if we may, just one last thing….If possible, could you, somehow, give us a sign, a glimmer of insight as to when the big push is about to happen. You know…the main event…the “mass” migration. We promise to be there. Thank you Jesus.

Duck Hunter Prayer 3

let my shotgun fire better than my actual aim. Help me to stay warm in the blind, let my tush not freeze. Guide my hip-wader shod feet so I don’t fall into the marsh. Grant my hunting guide patience beyond measure.. he’s gonna need it. Last. but not least, a few bagged ducks to take home would fit the bill.

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