August 27 Prayer

August 27 Prayer

August 27th is the feast day of Saint Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine and a revered figure in the Catholic faith. Many individuals of the faith choose to offer a prayer on this day in honor of Saint Monica, seeking her intercession and guidance in their spiritual journey. These prayers may include asking for Saint Monica’s intercession in strengthening relationships with loved ones, particularly those who have strayed from the faith. Additionally, prayers on August 27th may express gratitude for Saint Monica’s example of perseverance and faith, and ask for her continued blessings and guidance in following in her footsteps. Overall, the August 27th prayer serves as a way to connect with the legacy of Saint Monica and seek her assistance in navigating the challenges and joys of the human experience.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for August 27 Prayer. May God Bless You!

August 27 Prayer 1

Dear Father in heaven,
That you let the light from your face shine into our hearts. Look upon our time, we pray, with your clear, penetrating eyes, and let all people sense that they are watched over by more than they are able to see. Let them realize that a strong God and Father is watching over them. Protect us on our way, and let your light shine ever more brightly, so that in all we do your name is glorified.

August 27 Prayer 2

Father God,
Forgive us for our lapses in faith. Help us to trust in you in all things, for it was you who created all things. Lord, strengthen our faith! Let us not turn to created things for help but to the creator of all things that were created. We pray this in Jesus’ name.

August 27 Prayer 3

O Lord,
You planned my very existence and my destiny. You wrapped me in Your love in baptism and gave me the Faith to lead me to an eternal life of happiness with You. You have showered me with Your graces and You have been always ready with Your mercy and forgiveness when I have fallen. Now I beg You for the light I so earnestly need that I may find the way of life in which lies the best fulfillment of Your will. Whatever state this may be, give me the grace necessary to embrace it with love of Your holy will, as devotedly as Your Blessed Mother did Your will. I offer myself to You now, trusting in Your wisdom and love to direct me in working out my salvation and in helping others to know and come close to You, so that I may find my reward in union with You for ever and ever.

August 27 Prayer 4

In your name Jesus,
The anointed one, we ask for all of your gifts to be displayed through us, your church. We thank you that it is by your grace and peace freely given through Jesus Christ that makes this possible . We are weak and weary of trying to get our points across and trust that you are the one that brings truth and unity. Pour out your spirit upon us as when you opened the scroll of Isaiah, bringing sight to the blind, hope for the poor, release for the burdened and battered, setting the prisoners free.’ Lk.4:18 May we see ourselves in all of these. May we have the same spirit that is in you, Jesus to partner with you in this work here on earth. Thank you that we do have all the gifts we need. So we ask for unity to happen in and through us to live worthy of your name. We receive the grace and peace to rest in the knowledge that You never give up on us, ever! Now go in peace and be makers of peace. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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