Biker Prayer

Biker Prayer

The Biker Prayer is a prayer that has become popular among the motorcycle community, and is often recited before or after a ride. It is a powerful invocation that seeks protection and blessings for riders and their motorcycles, and is seen as a way to offer comfort and strength to those who face the risks of the open road. The origins of the Biker Prayer are not well documented, but it has become a beloved tradition among bikers around the world. The prayer is known for its poignant words and imagery, and often includes references to the freedom and sense of community that is felt by many riders. Whether recited alone or as part of a group, the Biker Prayer remains a cherished tradition that brings comfort and inspiration to those who live for the open road.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Biker Prayer. May God Bless You!

Biker Prayer 1

May the sunrise in front of me, the rain fall behind me and the wind follow me.
May the Angels guard my travels for they know what is ahead of me.
Keep me safe through rolling hills and swirling turns.
Let the eagle guide me to the mountain tops.
Let the moon’s light guide me through the night.
Lord, thank you for letting me be a biker.

Biker Prayer 2

Lord Jesus,
Without you, we can do nothing. You are our defender and deliverer, the one who fights all our battles and shields us from every death trap that the enemy has set before us. Lord, we ask you to cover us under your wings so that we can find refuge as we ride our motorcycles to our various destinations. Be with us always and protect us from careless drivers who may put us in great danger. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

Biker Prayer 3

Heavenly Father,
King of Glory, before we start this journey, we ask you to go before us and clear the roads that we will be using. Remove every obstacle that may block us from reaching our destination safely. Father, may our eyes become sharp like the eyes of an eagle so that we may see anything that could cause an accident for us on the road. Thank you for sending your angels to be with us. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

Biker Prayer 4

Heavenly Father,
I want to thank you for the beautiful gift of life. Thank you for the good health and strength that you’ve given to me and other motorcycle riders all over the world. As I prepare to ride to my destination, Lord, I ask you to shield me from any harm. Thank you for other motorists on the road. Father, be their guide wherever they are going. Keep us all safe from danger and help us reach our destinations safely. Father, we thank you and we glorify your holy name. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

Biker Prayer 5

Loving Father,
You say it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Lord, as I start this day, I choose to put my confidence in you and not man, or myself for that matter. Father, spread your wings of love towards us so that we can operate from a place of overflow and be able to show others that we interact with on the road the self-sacrificing love that Jesus showed unto us when he died on the cross. In Jesus’ name, we pray,

Biker Prayer 6

There so many accidents that are happening on the roads nowadays. As much as I have been riding my motorcycle for a long time the increase in the number of accidents involving motorcycle riders is alarming and it’s causing me to have panic attacks especially when I’m on the road. Lord, help me to find rest in your Son, Jesus, when I’m riding. May my mind be focused on you Jesus and not the accidents that are happening. Please help me to see you covering me with your wings and shielding me from the evil one as I ride. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray,

Biker Prayer 7

Dear Lord,
As we set out on the road this morning, we ask you to protect us from reckless drivers and motorists how do not care about their lives or the lives of other road users. Save us from drunk drivers and bring us home in one piece. Encompass us with your strength that we may ride safely and reach thousands of people for the glory of your holy name. May everything we do be for your Kingdom and not for our selfish interests. Through Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

Biker Prayer 8

Father Lord,
It is easy to get distracted when we’re on the road because of so many things that keep happening. The bad news that we read or hear about our roads often leaves us afraid. Some things we go through leave us troubled on the inside. Dear Lord, we ask you to fill our anxious hearts with your peace and love that we may be very careful on the roads and also be mindful of others. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray,

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