Samoan Prayer

samoan prayer

Samoan prayer is an integral part of Samoan culture and is deeply rooted in the religious beliefs of the Samoan people. The Samoan language itself is rich with words and phrases that reflect their spiritual values and customs. Prayers are usually recited before important events such as weddings, funerals, and other significant occasions. Samoan prayers often express gratitude and humility towards God and seek guidance and blessings for the community. The prayers are often recited in a melodic and rhythmic manner, accompanied by traditional musical instruments such as the pate (drum) and the ukulele. Samoan prayer reflects the importance of faith and spirituality in Samoan society and is a powerful reminder of the strong connection between the Samoan people and their spiritual beliefs.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Samoan Prayer. May God Bless You!

Samoan Prayer

Lo matou Tamä e,
Oi le lagi, ia paia lou suafa. Ia o’o mai lou malo. Ia faia lou finagalo, i le lalolagi e pei ona faia i le lagi. Ia e foa’i mai ia te’i matou i le aso nei a matou mea’ai e tatau ma le aso. Ia e fa’amagalo ia te’i matou ia matou agasala, e pei ona matou fo’i ona matou fa’amagaloina atu i e ua agaleaga mai ia te’i matou. Aua fo’i e te ta’ita’iina i matou i le fa’aosoosoga, a ia e lavea’i ia i matou ai le leaga. Auä e ou le malo, ma le mana, atoa ma le viiga, e faavavau lava.

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