Paratroopers Prayer

Paratroopers Prayer

The Paratrooper’s Prayer is a prayer that is often used by members of the military, particularly those who serve as paratroopers. The prayer is meant to provide comfort and courage to those who face the dangers of combat and the challenges of military life. The prayer may vary depending on the tradition and the individual, but it often includes asking for divine protection and guidance, as well as thanking God for the blessings of life and freedom. The Paratrooper’s Prayer is seen as a way of connecting with the divine and seeking strength and courage in the face of adversity. Many paratroopers believe that the prayer helps them to stay focused, remain calm under pressure, and carry out their duties with honor and integrity. The Paratrooper’s Prayer is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military, and the courage and dedication that they bring to their service.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Paratroopers Prayer. May God Bless You!

Paratroopers Prayer 1

O Lord,
What remains Thine; What no one ever asks of Thee. I do not ask Thee for rest Nor tranquility, Neither of the soul nor of the body. I do not ask Thee for riches, Nor success, Nor even health. So many ask you for these, O Lord, Thou shouldst no longer have anything left to give. Give me Lord, what remains Thine. Give me that which all of us refuse. I want insecurity and restlessness, I want struggle and trouble. And grant them to me, My Lord, forever. Make sure that I will always take them Because I will not always have the courage To ask of Thee for them. Give me, O Lord, what remains Thine, Give me what others do not want; But give me also the Courage, And the Strength, And the Faith.

Paratroopers Prayer 2

O Lord my God,
What You have left, what no one asks of You. I do not ask You for rest or tranquility, neither of soul nor body. I do not ask You for wealth, or success, or health. So many ask this of You, God, that You probably have nothing left to give. Give me, Lord, what You have left; give me what everyone else refuses. I want the insecurity and the restlessness, I want the struggle and the storm. Give me this, my God, definitively, give me the certainty that this will be my portion forever, because I won’t always have the courage to ask You for it. Give me, Lord, what You have left, give me what others do not want, but also give me the courage, the strength and the faith.

Paratroopers Prayer 3

Almighty God,
who has brought us together in this association to uphold the ideals of the Airborne Trooper, keep us faithful and true to the finest things in American life. Never let us forget the lessons of war so that they may be our guides in the times of peace. Strengthen and protect the armed forces of our nation that they may be a safeguard against those who would overthrow our way of life. Grant us grace fearlessly to contend against evil and to make no peace with oppression. Help us to use our freedom for the maintenance of justice among men and nations. Grant that we may do this and all other things in the memory of our departed comrades, whose presence is among us and never to be forgotten. Unite us in steadfast loyalty to the ideals for which courageous troopers have defended with great sacrifice. We offer this prayer in the name of our Lord.

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