Coal Miners Prayer

Coal Miners Prayer

The Coal Miners Prayer is a powerful invocation that is often associated with the difficult and dangerous work of mining coal. The prayer seeks protection and blessings for miners and their families, and is seen as a way to offer comfort and strength in the face of the risks and hardships of the job. The origins of the Coal Miners Prayer are not well documented, but it has become a beloved tradition among miners and their families. The prayer is known for its poignant language and imagery, and often includes references to the importance of faith and community in the face of adversity. Whether recited alone or as part of a larger community, the Coal Miners Prayer remains a powerful and moving expression of the resilience and faith of those who work in the coal mining industry.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Coal Miners Prayer. May God Bless You!

Coal Miners Prayer 1

Father God,
I trust in you, that you will walk with my husband each step of his way today. I believe that you are the light guiding him in each moment as he works in the mine. My hope for him is a day of peace, and of closeness to you Lord. I love him, but I know you love him too, and when we are separated, you are with him. You are his light, his strength and his protector. Thank you.

Coal Miners Prayer 2

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please keep my husband safe.
Watch over him while he is in that place.
The mine is the closest thing to hell that I know,
but because he loves his family, everyday, he will still go.
Down deep in the mine to make the money,
and assure his wife, “I’ll call you when I get out honey.”
He takes time away from his wife and little girl,
in hopes of giving them everything in the world.
Please God, let him come home safe to his daughter and wife.
This I pray Dear Lord, to please spare his life.
Let him know that I pray night and day,
that the mine won’t take my best friend away!
Keep my coalminer and all the others safely in your arms,
and bring them home to their families without harm.
Let them know that you are with them in that hole,
and it is not their day to die for mining coal.
Safely guide the decisions that are made each day
by the foreman, line‐boss, and those that are paid,
to do all that needs done as efficiently as can be,
to insure our miners make it home to their family.
Please let him know that I’m waiting by the phone,
for that call he makes to say he’s comin’ home.
But if the call that I should receive,
takes my breath away and drops me to my knees.
Take his soul to heaven on wings of an angel so fine,
for he’s done his time in hell, down deep in the mine.
Help me to be strong through the tears, anger and pain,
and to know what to say to my child as her tears fall like rain.
Oh God please tell him that my love for him will go on,
and one last request, if thy will be done.
Dear God hold his hand for me as you take him with you,
and let him know, he took a part of me with him too.

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