Breton Fisherman’s Prayer

Breton Fisherman's Prayer

The Breton Fisherman’s Prayer is a traditional prayer that has been recited by fishermen in the coastal regions of Brittany, France for centuries. Fishing has always been a dangerous occupation, and the Breton Fisherman’s Prayer is a way for fishermen to seek protection and guidance from a higher power. The prayer acknowledges the inherent risks of the sea and asks for the safety and well-being of those who make their living from it. It also expresses gratitude for the bounty of the sea and the importance of preserving it for future generations. The Breton Fisherman’s Prayer is a powerful expression of faith and the deep connection between fishermen and the sea. It serves as a reminder of the courage and determination of those who work in this demanding profession and the importance of faith in their lives.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Breton Fisherman’s Prayer. May God Bless You!

Breton Fisherman’s Prayer 1

Dear Lord,
Be good to me, the sea is so large and our boat is so small’ expresses the thoughts of lonely sailors out at sea but perhaps also speaks for all of us when faced with the many problems of our lives. An unusual gift for fishermen, sailors or anyone connected to the sea.

Breton Fisherman’s Prayer 2

This boat of mine, oh Lord,
Is how so small; This sail, oh master, scarce your winds can hold. Weak are my arms to trim, to tack, to haul Before grim waves that bludgeon, then to enfold. These eyes of mine, oh Lord, cannot discern Cliff, dune or harbour over high flung seas; The angered skies deny my sure return To cottage waiting by the sea-girt leas. Your mercy, Lord, is kind and how so great, To my inconsequence made manifest; So for your servant may your winds abate; Send home his boat to safe and certain rest. As small my soul before the raging tide; Your mercy, as your ocean, Lord, is wide.

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