St Cosmas And Damian Prayer

st cosmas and damian prayer

Saints Cosmas and Damian were two Christian martyrs who lived in the 3rd century A.D. in the Roman province of Arabia. They were known as “the unmercenary physicians” because they refused to accept payment for their medical services, instead relying on their faith and the generosity of others to support themselves. Their devotion to healing and helping others, even in the face of persecution and martyrdom, has made them beloved figures in the Christian tradition. The prayer to Saints Cosmas and Damian is a plea for their intercession in times of illness and suffering. It acknowledges their legacy as healers and asks for their guidance and protection in our own lives. The prayer serves as a reminder of the power of faith and the enduring legacy of these two remarkable saints.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for St Cosmas And Damian Prayer. May God Bless You!

St Cosmas And Damian Prayer 1

Oh glorious martyrs of Christ,
Saints Cosmas and Damian, you gave your lives for the love of God, benefiting your fellow man and crowning your martyrdom with an open and loyal profession of your faith. You taught us to love God about all things, and to love our fellow man as ourselves, professing always and without fear, the religion of Jesus. Augmenting among the faithful populace many miracles, you are glorious indeed. Through your intercession, which brings about deliverance of these miracles, we pray to you for your aid in all things. May your patronage never be far from us in the illness of our body and soul. Oh great protectors, Saints Cosmas and Damian, assist us with your love and free us from all evils.

St Cosmas And Damian Prayer 2

O Saints Cosmas and Damian,
We honor and venerate you with humility and affection. We invoke you, glorious martyrs of Our Lord, who exercised the art of healing with charity and sacrifice, curing the incurable and ministering with the aid of medicine through Christ. Now that you are more powerful in heaven, at the sight of the many ills which oppress us, the spiritual and corporal diseases that surround us, hasten your help. We do not ask for ourselves only, but for our relatives, families, friends, and enemies, so that, restored to health of soul and body, we can give glory to God, and honor to you, our saintly protectors.

St Cosmas And Damian Prayer 3

Saints Cosmas and Damian,
Stand before the Lord of All and ask Him to heal me and all those dear to me of any spiritual ills we may endure. Drive away from us all sin and sadness of mind, all darkness and despair. Make us then willing and loving servants of Christ, following your holy example of detachment from the things of this world and care for the needs of our neighbors. On the glorious day of the Universal Resurrection may we shine with you in the full health of our nature restored by the mercies of Jesus who lives and reigns forever and ever.

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