St Blaise Prayer

St Blaise Prayer

St. Brigid of Ireland, also known as Mary of the Gael, was an Irish saint who lived in the 5th and 6th centuries. She is regarded as one of Ireland’s patron saints, along with St. Patrick and St. Columba. St. Brigid is remembered for her piety, charity, and dedication to the poor and the sick. One of the most well-known prayers attributed to St. Brigid is the Prayer of St. Brigid, which is a beautiful and heartfelt prayer that speaks to her deep faith and devotion. This prayer has been passed down through the centuries and is still recited by many today as a source of comfort, inspiration, and guidance.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for St Blaise Prayer. May God Bless You!

St Blaise Prayer 1

Deliver us through the intercession of Thy holy bishop and martyr Blaise, from all evil of soul and body, especially from all ills of the throat; and grant us the grace to make a good confession in the confident hope of obtaining Thy pardon, and ever to praise with worthy lips Thy most holy name. Through Christ our Lord.

St Blaise Prayer 2

St Blaise,
Bishop and lover of souls, during your life you willingly bore many crosses in faithful imitation of the suffering Jesus Christ. Similarly, with Christ-like compassion and the grace of God, you miraculously cured many sufferers of their ills and humbly accepted the tortures inflicted upon you at the time of your death, dying as a Martyr for Christ. Now in your heavenly home, I come before you and humbly ask for your intercession before the throne of God. St Blaise, seek for me a cure for… (Name the illness) … If it is not God’s will or the greater good of my soul, ask God to grant me the strength to bear my cross patiently, in imitation of Jesus Christ our Crucified Saviour, as reparation for my sins and the salvation of souls.

St Blaise Prayer 3

O Glorious Saint Blaise,
Who by thy martyrdom has left to the Church a precious witness to the faith, obtain for us the grace to preserve within ourselves this divine gift, and to defend, without human respect, both by word and example, the truth of that same faith, which is so wickedly attacked and slandered in these our times. Stained glass depiction of St Blaise You who miraculously cured a little child when it was at the point of death by reason of an affliction of the throat, grant us your powerful protection in like misfortunes; and, above all, obtain for us the grace of repentance, together with a faithful observance of our Church, and avoidance from offending Almighty God.

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