The Empty Chair Prayer

the empty chair prayer

The empty chair prayer is a powerful tool for healing and forgiveness. It involves setting up an empty chair to represent a person who has hurt you or someone you love, and then speaking to them as if they were present. The purpose of this exercise is to express your feelings and release any pent-up emotions you may be holding onto. By imagining the person in the chair and talking to them, you can gain a greater sense of closure and resolution. This technique can be especially effective for those who have experienced trauma or loss, as it provides a safe space to process emotions and come to terms with difficult experiences. While the empty chair prayer may not be for everyone, it can be a valuable tool for those seeking healing and closure.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for The Empty Chair Prayer. May God Bless You!

The Empty Chair Prayer

Dear God,
There’s an empty chair at our table, an ache in our hearts and tears upon our faces… We try to shield one another from our grief but we cannot hide it from you… We pray for…(name your loved one) whose presence we miss in these homecoming days… Open our eyes and our hearts to the healing, the warmth and the peace of your presence… Assure us that those we miss have a home in your heart as well as in ours and a place at your table forever… Open our hearts to joyful memories of the love we shared with those who have gone before us… Help us tell the stories that bring us close to one another and to the ones we miss so much… Teach us to lean on you and on each other for the strength we need to walk through difficult times.

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