Catholic Prayer For Storms

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Catholic Prayer For Storms. May God Bless You!

Catholic Prayer For Storms 1

God of all Creation,
You fashioned heaven and earth, the sea and sky, and all creatures of the world. You are the master of the seasons, and all of the elements obey your commands. Even in all of your glory and greatness, you remain faithful to those who call on your name. Be with those in the path of the storm. Send your Spirit over the waters as you did at the dawn of time. Speak your Word to calm the winds, rains and the hearts of those who are in its path. Protect them from harm, bring them to safety and make of us a warm welcome. We ask this in the name of Jesus, who walked on the water, calmed the waves and is ever-present in the storms we endure.

Catholic Prayer For Storms 2

Graciously hear us, O Lord,
When we call upon You, and grant unto our supplications a calm atmosphere, that we, who are justly afflicted for our sins, may, by Your protecting mercy, experience pardon. Through Christ our Lord.

Catholic Prayer For Storms 3

O Lord,
This house against the assaults of our spiritual enemies; and cause the present dreadful disorder of the air to cease. We offer you, O Lord, our praises and sacrifices in thanksgiving for the favors we have already received.Lord, please hear our humble prayers; that we may rejoice in the ceasing of this storm, and always make a good use of the grant of your favors.

Catholic Prayer For Storms 4

Lord Jesus,
Quash the winds of ________ and other threatening systems as you quelled the sea for Your disciples. Please, oh Lord, diminish the winds! Inject forces of nature that perturb the organization of_____. Dissipate its evil. Weaken it. Deplete its interior! Throw it into confusion. Send it harmlessly into the waters. Let all realize the sin that brings such a threat and work to purify instead of suffering destruction. Oh Lord, sway these winds; Your Might is vastly greater even than the strongest storm. Sway it, oh Lord; let it wobble; let it stray to open waters, where it can dissipate without harm. Chase it from every shore and spare every life in its path.

Catholic Prayer For Storms 5

Compassionate Lord,
We pray for those who have been devastated by recent natural disasters. We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly. We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring them consolation and comfort. Surround them with our prayer for strength. Bless those who have survived and heal their memories of trauma and devastation. May they have the courage to face the long road of rebuilding ahead. We ask your blessing on all those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their security and their hope. Bless the work of relief agencies and those proving emergency assistance. May their work be guided by the grace and strength that comes from You alone. Help us to respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, in aid to the best of our abilities. Keep our hearts focused on the needs of those affected, even after the crisis is over. We ask this in Jesus’ name.

Catholic Prayer For Storms 6

Gracious God,
I pray for the victims of this disaster, Lord, that you would comfort the lives that were spared Lord, and that you would take care of those who perished. Lord, please bless those who are doing everything they can to help these people and also make sure that things run smoothly in repairing this great community/State/Nation. Please help the victims to have patience and also help family members to be reunited. Lord, I pray that you will ensure that the victims do not come under any illnesses from this disaster, and I also pray that they get enough food and clean water and proper shelter for everyone. Lord, please touch the hearts of the world to continue to pray for these people and also to donate whatever they can to help rebuild this wonderful State. Lord , only you can make miracles happen and I am asking for one now.

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