Reiki Prayer

Reiki Prayer

Reiki Prayer is a form of prayer used in the practice of Reiki, a spiritual healing modality that involves the manipulation of energy fields in the body. This prayer is used to help facilitate the flow of energy during a Reiki session, and to invite the presence of a higher power to help guide the healing process. The Reiki Prayer is typically used as a way to center oneself before beginning a session, and can be a valuable tool for Reiki practitioners seeking to deepen their connection to the divine and cultivate a greater sense of compassion and empathy. This prayer is often personalized to reflect the individual needs and intentions of the practitioner and the client, and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of spiritual and religious traditions. By incorporating Reiki Prayer into their practice, Reiki practitioners can enhance the healing potential of their work and help promote greater well-being and balance in the lives of their clients.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Reiki Prayer. May God Bless You!

Reiki Prayer 1

Devine Reiki,
Clear my mind and Iet my mind become pure, loving, focused and Pure. Clear all the left and unnoticed clutter that block the receiving. Let my intention Lead to the pure, thought that matches you and heal every tiny part of my body.

Reiki PrayerPrayer 2

I thanks Reiki for choosing me to spread the divine act of kindness. Divine life force energy, I am forever greatful and humbles for all the blessings you have offered me.

Reiki Prayer 3

I now ask to be surrounded by Divine Reiki,
With my Guide Spirits, Angels and all my Masters, with all the other powers who can most protect me now. Surround, guide and protect me fully and entirely with Divine White Light.

Reiki Prayer 4

I thank myself for being here. I Thank Reiki and My God to be here. I thank my teachers, spiritual guides, guiding angels to be here. I Thank John(Receivers Name) to be here. I thank the divine grace for nurturing all of us, for unconditional love and for uniting us. I intent Reiki to be one with me, to heal John and let him feel light, happy and peaceful.

Reiki Prayer 5

Divine Light,
Bless people around me and me and make us rich by your love and light. Bless us to become rich in our thoughts, Intention and Material World. Shower your blessings upon me as raindrops and guide me to become a source of Healing and Happiness.

Reiki Prayer 6

Thank you, Master Usui,
For developing the system of Reiki from which my practice originated. Thank you, Madam Takata, for spreading the system Worldwide. Thank you, My Guruji and all other masters, for sharing your wisdom. I invite the ascended masters, my spirit guides, and any other angels or positive entities who wish to join me it this work. I ask that you guide me and help me to channel healing energy for the highest good.

Reiki Prayer 7

I call your presence in unconditional Love and Light. Please shelter and assist my family and me. Provide us peace and Happiness within our spirits that cleanse and protect our soul from any evil source. Guide us to walk on the right path and stay together closed tightly in love and Harmony surrounded. I ask you to hear my prayer.

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