Prayer For Haters

Prayer For Haters

Dealing with haters can be a challenging and emotional experience. Haters are people who may dislike, criticize, or even attack us, often without a valid reason. They can be strangers or people we know, and their negativity and hostility can be hurtful and damaging to our self-esteem and confidence. However, instead of responding with anger or negativity, some people turn to prayer as a way to seek divine intervention and support. A prayer for haters is a way to connect with a higher power and seek inner peace, forgiveness, and compassion, even in the face of hostility and negativity. It is an opportunity to ask for strength, wisdom, and understanding while navigating the challenges of dealing with haters. In this article, we will explore the concept of prayer for haters, how it can be a source of comfort and strength, and the different ways in which it can be practiced.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Prayer For Haters. May God Bless You!

Prayer For Haters 1

Oh, Heavenly Father,
I come to You with pure intentions to pray for my haters. I pray that they find peace in their hearts and that they find forgiveness in their souls. Let them find healing in their bodies and joy in their lives.
I also pray that they find wisdom in their minds and courage in their hearts. Comfort them with Your undying grace and let their hearts rest in Your relentless grace.I pray for my haters, oh Lord, that they someday come to see the error of their ways and turn on the light of the Lord.

Prayer For Haters 2

Almighty and Everliving God,
I pray for my haters to stop hating me. But more than that, I pray that You bestow upon me the courage to love them. Help me see them as people who need love and prayers just like everyone else.
Let me be kind to them, even when they are not kind to me. Teach me how to forgive them, even when they do not deserve forgiveness. Allow me to continue to pray for them, even when they do not pray for themselves.
I also pray for Your love to change their hearts. May they come to see me as a friend instead of an enemy. I pray for all these things in Jesus’ name.

Prayer For Haters 3

Heavenly Father,
I pray for the strength to ignore the haters who try to bring me down. I know that I am better than the hurtful things they say about me, and I don’t need their validation to feel good about myself.
I pray for the wisdom to see through their jealousy and see that they are only trying to tear me down because they are unhappy with themselves. I pray for the courage to stand up to them, even when it feels like I’m outnumbered.
I know that I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I will not let their words pierce my soul. I pray for the peace of mind to know that I am not alone and that there are people who love and support me.
I am forever grateful to You, oh Lord, despite these haters, because You have made me stronger and more resilient. Thank You for giving me the strength to silence my haters.

Prayer For Haters 4

Dear God,
I come to You today because I am in great need of Your help. I am surrounded by haters and I do not know what to do. I have tried ignoring them, but they just won’t go away. I have tried reasoning with them, but they just don’t seem to listen. I have tried praying for them, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Lord, I know that You are more powerful than the devil and I know that You can remove these haters from my life. I pray that You will give me the strength to continue praying for them, even when it feels like there is no hope.
I also pray that You will protect me from their words and actions. I know that I am not perfect, but I am trying my best to follow You. Please help me, Lord.

Prayer For Haters 5

My Loving God,
I come to You today Lord to ask for forgiveness. I have sinned against those who have done nothing but hate me. I have responded with anger and animosity, instead of love and understanding. I know that this is not the way You want me to behave, and I am deeply sorry for my actions.I ask that You grant me the strength to forgive those who have wronged me and to see them as people who are just as lost and hurt as I am. I know that this is not an easy task, but I believe that it is one that You can help me accomplish.I thank You for Your guidance, and I pray that You will continue to lead me down the path of forgiveness.

Prayer For Haters 6

Thank you , Lord,
For allowing me to experience your very presence this day. Give me a portion of your enabling ability that will prevent me from being sensitive to the negative influences of other people. Show me how to walk and show me how to talk when I am in the midst of haters. I will not pay attention to their faces , nor will I be moved by their negative comments. I WILL lift up mine eyes unto YOU. I WILL keep my mind stayed on thee. In the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Haters 7

Lord God,
Please hear my prayer and my prayer is this; I want to have a close, personal relationship with You throughout the day so that I can remember that it is You that I really work for and not my employer (Col 3:23-24) and to help me resist the temptation from my own flesh and from the enemy to not do the work I am paid to do and so help me to focus on doing the best that I can during my day today so that my work can reflect what You desire in me and that is to whatever I do, give it all that I can (Eccl 9:10), even when no one’s looking, I know You are and for the glory of the name in which I pray, Jesus Christ.

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