Deacon Prayer

Deacon Prayer

Deacon prayer is a form of prayer that is specific to the role of deacons in the Christian faith. Deacons are ordained members of the clergy who serve as assistants to the priests or pastors of a church. They often have a special role in providing spiritual guidance, serving the poor and marginalized, and carrying out the practical needs of the church community. Deacon prayer is an important part of their ministry, as it allows them to connect with God and seek guidance in carrying out their duties. This form of prayer may be incorporated into the church’s worship services, as well as practiced individually by deacons in their personal prayer time. In this way, deacon prayer is an integral part of the Christian faith and serves as a means for deacons to deepen their relationship with God and better serve their communities.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Deacon Prayer. May God Bless You!

Deacon Prayer 1

Lord Jesus Christ,
Servant of all,
Send your Spirit upon me as I serve your Church.
Give me eyes to see the needs of your people.
Give me a discerning mind to know your truth.
Give me a generous spirit when I am tired but needed.
Give me a humble heart when my work goes unnoticed.
Give me peace of mind in obedience and service.
Give me health of body so I may serve with strength.
Make me fertile ground for your inspiration and love.
Comfort me when I question myself and my ministry.
Grant me grace as I age so I may share your wisdom.
Make my heart like yours so I may love your people.

Deacon Prayer 2

Come to my assistance my Lord and my God,
That I may do for You all that you ask. Strengthen me in adversity and do not let me succumb to my feelings of worthlessness. Help me to feel in my heart all that You speak to me, and help me to understand. May I be to others what they need: a body to work when others cannot; a heart to love those who are forgotten; a shoulder to console those whose soul is in need; a smile to brighten the most somber of Your children; a mouth to proclaim Your love. Let me be to You, as a brush is to a painter, worthless without You, but capable of transforming the human heart by the power of Your mercy. Send me, my Lord if you need me, to touch others as You would touch them, to hold them as You would, to love them as only You can. Make my heart like Yours, that I may forgive everything and love beyond my own human frailty. Come live within me, that I may die to myself so You may fill my very being. Let me serve others as You would serve them, that in doing so I may serve You. Do not let me fail, oh Lord, or lead Your people astray. Allow me to live in Your presence today, that tomorrow I may die in Your hands and may You raise me one day that I may touch your face and live in Your glory.

Deacon Prayer 3

Heavenly Father,
since the time of the Apostles
you have inspired the Church
to commission certain members
to assist in a special way
in the pastoral mission of Christ.
Bless the deacons
and all other ordained
and non-ordained ministers
that they may be humble
and faith-inspired in their service.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Deacon Prayer 4

Lord Jesus,
You came to serve, not to be served,
form within us your generous spirit;
Fill us with your love,
that we may love the Father as your love him.
Fill us with your compassion,
that we may see our brothers and sisters
as you see them.
Fill us with your courage,
that we may give our lives in service to the Church
as you gave your life for her.
Fill us with that Spirit which will make us
preachers of your Word,
ministers of your Sacrifice,
servants of your Bride,
friends of the poor,
and the voice of the forgotten.
Transform us through your Holy Spirit
so that we may transform the world into
Your Kingdom of justice and faith.

Deacon Prayer 5

Our Lord and God,
This morning we turn to you to pray for our new deacons.
Since the time of the Apostles you have inspired the church to appoint members of your church to assist in particular ways in it’s mission.
We give you thanks for how you have blessed your church; for how you are continuing to build and shape your church; and for giving us the joy today of appointing new deacons to serve your church.
We would ask that you would bless these new deacons; that they may know true humility and be faithful in their service for you. Remind them of the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who in fulfilling the ministry you gave to him:
Came to serve, rather than be served.
Sought the needs of others, rather than seeking his own.
Ministered to people without prejudice, and with courage and determination.
Loved people unconditionally.
We ask Lord God that you pour generously into their lives your Holy Spirit; fill them with your love, and compassion, so that they may see their brothers and sisters as you see them, and that they are equipped to carry out the duties that they have been appointed to fulfil.
Lord God, we pray for these new deacons, and indeed all of your people here, that you would fill us anew with your Holy Spirit so that we will be:
Hearers and doers of your Word;
Ministers of all people;
Friends of the poor;
Voices of the voiceless;
And servants of our Lord Jesus.
We ask for this in His name and for His glory,

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