St Gianna Prayer

St Gianna Prayer

St. Gianna Beretta Molla was an Italian physician and a devoted Catholic who lived in the 20th century. She is known for her great love for children, her dedication to her family, and her selfless sacrifice in choosing to give birth to her fourth child instead of having an abortion, despite knowing that it could cost her life. Today, she is revered as a saint and an inspiration for many women around the world, especially those who are pregnant or struggling with fertility issues. The St. Gianna prayer is a powerful devotional prayer that calls upon her intercession for the protection of the unborn, the health of mothers and children, and for the grace to embrace the joys and challenges of family life. Reciting this prayer can offer comfort, strength, and hope to those who seek the intercession of St. Gianna in their own lives.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for St Gianna Prayer. May God Bless You!

St Gianna Prayer 1

Saint Gianna,
Heroically Christ-like wife, mother and physician, I ask the help of your prayers, as I strive to follow your holy example in my physical and spiritual trials. Help me, by your prayers, to recognize the suffering of the Cross as the way to pure and selfless love of God and my neighbor. May your practice of medicine with priestly care of both body and soul inspire physicians to see the Face of the suffering Christ in their patients. May your loving acceptance of illness and death help patients to know and do God’s will in all things, uniting their sufferings to the Passion and Death of Christ for the salvation of the world. Saint Gianna, pray for us always that we may have a heart, meek and courageous, like the Heart of Jesus, in Whom we find our healing and strength. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

St Gianna Prayer 2

St. Gianna Beretta Molla,
Please pray for St. Gianna’s Center and all our clients. Please pray for all women struggling with infertility, loss, grief, and for the protection of the unborn. We thank you for your patronage.

St Gianna Prayer 3

St. Gianna,
You are an incredible example of motherhood, selflessness, and devotion to God. Please fill me with your piety, your charity, and your goodness. St. Gianna, you were filled with love for your children. You understand the longing in my heart for children. You understand my desire for a family filled with love and the giggles of babies. Please, St. Gianna, in your compassion, as a mother, as a wife, as a Saint of the Church, intercede on my behalf to our Lord, Christ Jesus. Blessed St. Gianna, hear my prayers and ask that God, in his mercy, grant me a healthy baby that I will raise to be a loving child of God. In Jesus’ Name.

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