Prayer For My Son In Law

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Prayer For My Son In Law. May God Bless You!

Prayer For My Son In Law 1

Thank You for bring me to this page. I prayer for deliverance, Favor, Hope, Salvation, and Saftey for all the Sons mention, Lord you made them and know all about them. Be with them in this time of trouble! We will be careful to give you the Praise for the others mention, to include my son, Christopher. I pray in Jesus Name.

Prayer For My Son In Law 2

I have read all this words and prayers of each mother prayer. We all are facing the same situations Lord teach us to be patience because you know why you have allowed each of us to go through this test for a reason. Thank you our sons still being alive. Protect Jemal and all that comes in contact with him. Lord guide his every move and thoughts. Every decision that he will make, I pray that he comes to You first and wait on Your answer. I decree and declare that he is coming home alive by the end of the year and he would have totally rendered his life completely to You. I pray life is removed from the back of his sentence. Lord speak peace on my heart as well as his. All the parents that are asking for prayer for their incarcerated sons, I stand in agreement with them for deliverance and salvation for their young men who are incarcerated. Father we are thanking You in advance that our prayers are being and have been answered in Your Name Jesus.

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