Ivf Prayer

Ivf Prayer

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that has helped many couples struggling with infertility to conceive a child. It involves fertilizing an egg outside the body and then implanting it in the woman’s uterus. For many individuals and couples, the IVF journey can be emotionally and physically taxing, filled with uncertainty and hope, and often involves faith and prayer. IVF prayer has become a common practice for those who wish to seek divine intervention and guidance throughout their fertility journey. It is a way to cope with the stress, anxiety, and grief that can come with infertility and to find solace in a higher power. In this context, IVF prayer can be seen as an expression of hope, faith, and gratitude, as well as a way to seek support and comfort from one’s spiritual beliefs.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for IVF Prayer. May God Bless You!

Ivf Prayer 1

In Jesus Name,
Heavenly father., we commit the procedure we are about to start into your hands. Please perfect it, use the nurses and doctors to your glory. Let the medication work positively, take control of every step we pray. Please God prepare my body.Let the procedure result in positive pregnancy result. Pls let me carry health pregnancies to term. Let me me healthy, no complications, no miscarriage or any abnormalty. Let me deliver like the Hebrew women. At the end all glory will come to you in Jesus name.

Ivf Prayer 2

I am undergoing IVF treatment next month i.e, march 2018, Kindly bless me that IVF should be success and 0 to 9 months shuld go smoothly without any complications and shuld deliver baby girl.

Ivf Prayer 3

In Jesus name,
Lord almighty, please bless my wife and I with successfull safe healthy pregnancy through Ivf, bless over the doctors and staff , and make your presence felt by us all, grant us the miracle of a second child and may you be glorified in this. Give us strong faith that in what ever happens your are always good to us, we thank you in Christ that we can come to you as your children and ask for all things.

Ivf Prayer 4

Dear Lord,
I come to you today in Thanksgiving for your word that tells us to cry out to you Lord through prayer the desires of our heart. Lord I cry out for all the couples currently going through the process of IVF that they may be blessed with healthy pregnancies and the delivery of healthy babies. I come to you today especially for the successful transfer of healthy babies to my daughter and healthy baby/babies for her and her husband. We serve an amazing God and you are the maker of all miracles Lord! Thank you for loving us and our children. Many blessings upon all of these future mommy’s and daddy’s and the beautiful children who will come into the world from this thread! In Jesus name.

Ivf Prayer 5

Dear our beloved God,
We come before you asking for your Meecy and favor as I am about to be transferred the embryos in my womb.let them be attached and grow heath without any challenges and be delivery at a full term (9months). I glorify you Jesus because I believe in you.Nothing is impossible in Jesus name. And let all women praying for the fruits of womb to be successful.

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