Daily Devotional – John 1:4-5 – September 14, 2023

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:4-5

Each and every day, the world tries to sell Christians on ways to better their lives. From diet pills and meal kit services, to fitness plans promising to get you to your ideal weight, or cars and homes always with the newest bells and whistles, the world is constantly offers ways to try and “enhance” or “enrich” our lives. The Bible indicates in the Scripture above that the truth is the complete opposite. The Scripture above states that life can only be found in Him, our Creator. The life that God gives us acts as a light for our life, and overcomes any darkness that may try to overcome it. Nothing the world tries to sell you will ultimately enhance or enrich your life, because God is the ultimate giver of life.

The God of the Heavens is the God of life, the same God who created the Heavens and Earth, the same God who sustains life, the same God who cares for you and gives you life each and every day. Just as he breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve, God breathes his life into you. This life is all encompassing, physical, emotional, mental, and eternal life. All of this comes through Christ. From the beginning of time, all creation and life has come through him, and now we return to the father only through his sacrifice. Because of the life he gives us, those who walk in darkness can see the light of Christ and are therefore drawn to know the Lord.

Where there is light, it is impossible for darkness to exist. I always think of this metaphor for the light that Jesus instills in our lives: Imagine that you’re deep in a forest in the middle of the night. It’s dark, so dark you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. The moon and stars are covered by clouds, there’s no light to speak of, and you’re alone. Suddenly, you see the faintest glimmer of light in the distance. What are you going to do? Follow the light! We are drawn toward light. It promises warmth, safety, and sight. The same is true for Jesus. We all are looking for his light, many just haven’t realized it yet. Run to him, and follow the light. That light will give you life.


Thank you for breathing your life into me each and every day. God, I pray with an earnest heart that your life will shine as a bright light in my life to overcome the darkness of the world, and to bring those who are lost to you. Thank you for the gift of life, and please never let me lose sight of its light in my life.

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