Yemaya Prayer

Yemaya Prayer

Yemaya is an Orisha or a spirit in the Yoruba religion that is celebrated in many Afro-Caribbean religions such as Santeria and Candomble. She is known as the goddess of the sea and represents motherhood, fertility, and nurturing. Yemaya is also known as the protector of women and children, and her devotees often seek her guidance and blessings through prayer. The Yemaya prayer is a powerful tool for those seeking comfort, healing, and guidance. Through this prayer, one can connect with the energy and spirit of Yemaya, and seek her protection and guidance in life’s journey.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Yemaya Prayer. May God Bless You!

Yemaya Prayer 1

The powerful Orisha who symbolizes universal motherhood, also known as “the mother of all Orisas”, is very commonly used within Santeria or the rule of Osha and Ifa. Due to the relevance of this deity, her children and her followers have the certainty that by invoking her, her prayers will be heard, since, like any mother, she always comes to the aid of her children and faithful devotees of she.His power is incalculable, he is able to intervene in the simplest situation, even the most complicated.

Yemaya Prayer 2

Oh Yemaya,
Goddess of the Sea, With utmost respect, I bow before Thee. Admiring thy power, thy energy, I wish upon thy sacred,healing waters, to one day, be set free. Governing the moon, childbirth and all female cycles, Coming, going and resting, in between. Alive in every breath within me, The Alma Matar of every single African teen. Oh joyful Queen of the Sea, Reader of secrets and dreams, Please connect me, to him, who to me, the most means. Heal the lives of those I love, Release their old fears & burdens cumbersome. Oh beloved Goddess, all powerful, so kind, Radiating beauty, love and peace divine. Filling my soul with pure sweet love, You make me feel like, the purest white dove. Smiling upon devotees from the womb of creation{the Sea}, I worship You in music, ritual, song and celebration. Oh Almighty, Queen of the Sea, With my heart and soul, I implore Thee.

Yemaya Prayer 3

My protective queen Yemaya,
Nurse of the afflicted, counselor of the distressed. Mother of all. I thank you for so many graces you grant us. I want to be worthy of your golden light. And I pay you my respects, water queen. Who distributes charity and love among all her children. I thank You, Mother, for attending to me in the prayers that I resort to Your divine powers. Thank You! I bow before you, Orisha, in my prayers and beg you for a job. I pray for protection to those who dedicate deep love and prayers to you! May your blessed aura continue to protect and vibrate goodness! My mother, dear Yemaya, make sure that I get a job in one week and that in this job, I can do the best job possible. May I be respected and recognized for my work and effort in this job, and may I make real friends and be very happy in this job. Thank you for my Queen Yemaya I know that I will be attended, because you have the power for it.

Yemaya Prayer 4

Oh! Yemaya,
Sea mermaid. Sweet singing, the warmth of the afflicted. Mother of the world, have mercy on us. Blessed are the blessings that come from your kingdom. My heart and soul open to receive the power and blessings of Yemaya. The mother who protects, who sustains, who takes away all pain! Mother of the Orishas, mother who cares and watches over her children! Yemaya, your light guides my thoughts, and your waters wash my head.

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