August 26 Prayer

August 26 Prayer

August 26th is recognized as the feast day of Saint Teresa of Jesus, also known as Saint Teresa of Avila, a prominent Spanish mystic and Catholic saint. On this day, many individuals of the faith may choose to offer a prayer in honor of Saint Teresa, seeking her intercession and guidance in their spiritual journey. These prayers may include asking for Saint Teresa’s intercession in achieving greater clarity and understanding in one’s faith, as well as in overcoming obstacles or challenges on the path towards spiritual growth. Additionally, prayers on August 26th may express gratitude for Saint Teresa’s teachings and spiritual insights, and ask for continued blessings and guidance in following her example of deepening one’s relationship with God. Overall, the August 26th prayer serves as a way to connect with the legacy of Saint Teresa of Jesus and seek her assistance in one’s own spiritual journey.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for August 26 Prayer. May God Bless You!

August 26 Prayer 1

Lord our God,
Be our Father and care for your children here on earth, where it is often bitterly hard and where everything seems to turn against us. Keep us faithful in our inner life, drawing all our strength from you, the eternal power of life, and from Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. For Jesus has promised to come to us, and you will send him in our time of need. Let your strong hand be with those who often do not know where to turn. Show us paths we can follow, to the glory of your name in all eternity.

August 26 Prayer 2

My Lord,
I pray that thou wilt control my life, and bless the going out of my work, be it ever so great or small. Help me to realize the necessity of earnestness, that I may “work while it is to-day,” and I have the light, and not wait for the night, when it is too dark for work to be done. May I be faithful in my work until it is completed.

August 26 Prayer 3

Heavenly Father,
Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in heaven and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage. Accept our thanks for so great a blessing. Grant that we may experience the assistance of our holy protector in all our necessities. And you, holy, loving angel and guide, watch over us with all the tenderness of your angelic heart. Keep us always on the way that leads to heaven, and cease not to pray for us until we have attained our final destiny, eternal salvation. Then we shall love You for all eternity. We shall praise and glorify You unceasingly for all the good You have done for us while here on earth. Especially be a faithful and watchful protector of our children. Take our place, and supply what may be wanting to us through human frailty, short-sightedness, or sinful neglect. Lighten, O you perfect servants of God, our heavy task. Guide our children, that they may become like unto Jesus, may imitate Him faithfully, and persevere till they attain eternal life.

August 26 Prayer 4

Father God,
We love you, and we want to know you, but most of all we want you to know us. Our Lord, we want to have a real relationship with you, our Heavenly Father. Lord, we want to hear you say, “well done.” We want our ministry to be effective, and powerful. We don’t want to mimic spirit-filled believers, we want to be spirit-filled believers. Help us, Lord! In Jesus’ name, we pray.

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