Twins Prayer

twins prayer

Twins prayer is a spiritual practice that involves twins praying together for blessings, guidance, and protection. The bond between twins is often said to be unique and powerful, and this prayer practice allows them to strengthen that connection while also connecting with a higher power. Twins may choose to pray for each other’s health, success, and happiness, as well as for their family and loved ones. By coming together in prayer, twins can deepen their spiritual connection and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone on their life journey. This practice can also be a way for twins to express gratitude for their unique bond and the special relationship they share.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Twins Prayer. May God Bless You!

Twins Prayer 1

Heavenly Father,
I pray that right now you are working a miracle in my body, I ask Lord in your name that you will Bless my family with the Twins. Lord you know the desires of our hearts. You know the disappointment and the loss we have endured. Lord by your Grace and Mercy I ask that right now at this very moment your are working a miracle in my body.I Thank you Lord that in a few weeks we will rejoice in your name at the news of our pregnancy.I also pray for solid attachment of my baby to the uterine wall. I Pray that my womb and body will be healthy and that I will carry my babies to grow perfectly week by week. I plead the blood of Jesus as a hedge of protection around my womb protecting my babies from all harm. I am redeemed from Miscarriage, therefore i command my body in Jesus name to come in line with the word of God. I prounounce in Jesus name that I am in the process of conception. In Jesus Holey Might Name.

Twins Prayer 2

Thank you,
For this wonderful prayer, it speaks to my heart and says excaltly what my heart desire wants. Will continue saying this prayer for me n my hubby wants children(twins) untill God comes through for us and His will come to pass. Thank you once again may the almighty continue blessing you .

Twins Prayer 3

Loving Father,
I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I thank and praise You that You knew me before I was conceived by my mother. You formed and knitted me together and breathed life into me. Father, You told Your children to be fruitful and multiply and I long to carry my own child in my womb and hold my own precious babe in my arms, but I have not yet conceived and this grieves me deeply. Loving Lord, I know that You have scheduled every day of my life, and I pray that in Your goodness and grace You will enable me to conceive and bring into the world a little one that I may give back to You, just as Hannah gave her Samuel back into Your care. Look down in love and pity me my barren womb and breath into me the breath of life, which was breathed into man at creation. Fill me to the fullness of Your joy so that I may bring forth a little baby. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

Twins Prayer 4

Dear God,
We have been trying to conceive a baby for many years and I am becoming sad and anxious as I seem unable to conceive. I pray that You will give me the strength to conceive and give birth to a little baby as I long to be a mother. It has been very hard as each month passes by and I remain infertile. I pray that it may be Your will to make me fruitful for I know that my times are in Your hands. I pray that You will give us the joy of being parents and extend to us Your life-giving power to bring into our home the child that we long for. Bless us Father I pray.

Twins Prayer 5

Dear God,
I feel so sad as I have had a number of miscarriages. Each time I have been pregnant, I have lost the little baby that I was carrying. I hurt inside. I feel so sad and pray that You will heal the hurt and enable me to conceive in my womb and carry a baby to full term. Give me the strength and courage to try again for a baby, for Lord this is what I desire so much. Thank You that You are a God that hears and answers prayer.

Twins Prayer 6

Dear God,
I thank You for the precious little children that you have been so gracious to bless me with. I ask now Lord, that I may have another little baby to be their little brother or sister. I have not always had good health, but I place my life in Your hands and pray that I may conceive once again and enlarge the gates of our family. May we all grow in grace and may You give me the wisdom I need to teaching and training my children. May they all come to a knowledge of Jesus as their Saviour, in whose name I pray.

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