Daily Devotional – Romans 8:32 – September 11, 2023

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”
Romans 8:32

Have you ever felt like God is holding something back from you? Like he’s not letting you have something that you want in your life? There have definitely been times in my life that I’ve felt like God wasn’t giving me what I thought was best. Ironically, the opposite was true. God wasn’t giving me something that I wanted because that something wasn’t the best for me.

In this verse, Paul delivers a straightforward and eye-opening reminder of God’s character. When we have feelings like I just described, we doubt whether God is really giving us all the best. What Paul points out is that God has already given us the most valuable thing he has – the life of his own Son. What else would he possibly hold back from us?

Think of it this way. If I bought you a brand new Ferrari, and then you asked if I could spare $5 for some gas, do you really think I wouldn’t give it to you? If I paid for you to go to college, and you also needed a new spiral notebook from the office supply store, don’t you think I would buy it for you?

These are tiny metaphors of God’s position toward us. He has already given us the most precious and valuable thing that he could possibly give us so that we could have salvation. Why would he hold back any other good thing? He wouldn’t. He doesn’t. God gives us good gifts. If he’s not giving it to you, consider this – maybe it’s not really as good for you as you may have thought. God would give you anything in the world if he knew it would be good for you. Don’t think for a second that if he would sacrifice his own son for you, that he would spare any other expense to save you.


Thank you for our salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you for the price you paid for us. I know that you are a good father that gives good gifts and holds nothing back from the ones he loves. Thank you for loving me and giving me what is good. Help me to trust you always.
In Jesus’ Name,

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