Daily Devotional – Psalm 42:1 – March 23, 2023

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.”
Psalm 42:1

Think of a time that you were really thirsty. I mean like so thirsty you thought you might pass out or even die. In that moment, the only thing that you want is water. The only thing on your mind is finding something to drink. That’s the way that our soul craves communion with God.

It has been said that every desire you have on earth is just a reflection of your soul’s deeper desire for God. People want friends and a spouse because they have a desire to be known and loved, the soul’s natural desire for God’s love. People look for pleasure in material things because they feel empty, their soul’s longing for God.

What if you were thirsty and someone brought you a sack of flour? Is that going to help your thirst? Absolutely not! It’ll just make it worse. But that’s what we do when we try to fill our soul’s longing for God with material and worldly things. No person can ever provide the love that God has for you. No job will every fulfill you the way that a life in the Spirit will. No money or object will bring you the joy of salvation. We try to fill our soul’s longing for God with the wrong things. What we need is simply to seek him. The same way we look for water when we’re thirsty, so we also need to look for God when we’re feeling empty, unloved, lost, or meaningless. We feel those things because we don’t fill our soul’s desire with the source of it’s true and only satisfaction, God.

Like a thirsty deer searching for a stream of water, your soul is longing for God. Seek Him, and let your soul drink to its fulfillment.


Thank you for the fulfillment that only you can offer. Help me not to give into the temptation to fill my soul’s desire for you with worldly things, but to always seek you first.
In Jesus’ Name,

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