Daily Devotional – Matthew 5:19 – May 21, 2023

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Matthew 5:19

In a world of sin, we don’t always have natural instincts to make peace or be a peacemaker. Whether it’s the one person who just always seems to get under your skin, or just wanting to jump into a conversation full of drama and fight, our natural reactions are not always to make peace. Our responses may be more inclined to retaliate when we are provoked, or maybe the opposite effect, to turn inward and shut down rather than working things out. Resolving issues that may be annoying or hurtful, with a peaceful mindset can be a true struggle for our Christian walk.

As we turn to Scripture, God shows us time and time again how to seek peace. Despite years of disobedience and the multiple times Scripture shows us that God’s people offended him by not following his commands or listening to his voice, God still sought to show us peace. God still sought to build and reconcile a relationship with His people, ultimately through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ, on an old rugged cross. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, we no longer are subject to our innate desires to ‘stir the pot’, to shut down in conflict, or act out in defense. Instead, we are called to embody the same peace God has shown us through the ultimate sacrifice.

So what does it mean to be a child of God by being a peacemaker? It means that we will strive to bring harmony to those around us. It means that in difficult situations where we are tempted to hold on to our pride just for the sake of being right, we choose to die to our pride to help reconcile difficult situations and conversations. Laying aside our differences may feel like a sign of weakness, but on the contrary the Lord will reward you with securement and rest in midst of conflict. As we let go of our differences, petty arguments to say “I’m sorry” we are extending peace and forgiveness. By giving peace to those around us, we will grow in our understanding of the peace God has shown us.


You are the ultimate peacemaker. You have shown us peace time and time again, and Lord we ask that you please help us to extend the same peace to those around us. In times of conflict, help us not fall to the ways of the sinful world, but help us cling on to you. Help us to be called your children.
In Jesus’ Name,

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