Daily Devotional – John 7:37 – April 5, 2023

“On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.’”
John 7:37

Where do you seek your fulfillment?

Jesus proclaimed to all who could hear him, that anyone who was thirsty could come to him and be fulfilled. He claimed that anyone who drank the water he could give would never be thirsty again. He called himself the bread of life, and that anyone who came to him would never be hungry.

He wasn’t talking about physical food and water. It was a metaphor. Jesus used these terms because it is the best way to describe the natural longing we have for fulfillment through Jesus. We go through life wondering what our purpose is, what we should do to have satisfaction. We look for meaning in our jobs, in our wealth, in our style, and so many other things. They always fail. Nothing on this earth can fill the hole that we try to stuff with material possessions, social status, and other vanities. Jesus is the only thing that can fill it.

The same way that hunger can only be satisfied with food and thirst with something to drink, our souls can only be satisfied by a relationship with God, through Jesus. It’s something that is as natural to us as breathing, eating, and drinking. All of our earthly desires point to the one thing our soul truly longs for: God.

Quench your thirst. Satisfy your hunger. Find the fulfillment and meaning you’ve been searcing for. It’s simple. Come to Jesus. He can take all the broken things in your life and make them whole in a more beautiful way than before. He can take the emptiness, the loneliness, the pain, and replace them with fullness, relationship, and hope.

How? Because we were born to have a relationship with him. He made us in his image. He created us to love him, to be loved by him, and to share that love with everyone around us.

Everything else in this world will let you down Everything else will fade or rust or break or die. God will not. He is eternal, his love is steadfast, and he wants you to have life to the fullest by embracing the life he planned for you.


Thank you for the spiritual food and drink that only you can offer. Thank you for giving us purpose and fulfillment in this life. Thank you for loving us enough to make us your own and to draw us to eternal life with you. Help me always to look to you for my comfort, satisfaction, and purpose, not to the passing things of the world.
In Jesus’ Name,

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