Daily Devotional – Acts 1:8 – March 15, 2023

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
Acts 1:8

This is a popular verse. It’s well known among Christians. Why is it also so widely ignored? In recent surveys, Christians have overwhelmingly responded that evangelism, or spreading the gospel, is commanded of us in scripture. They have also overwhelmingly responded that they don’t do it very often.

Jesus makes it very clear throughout the gospels that we have a responsibility to be witnesses of his life to the rest of the world. Anyone who has witnessed Jesus, the truth of his life, death, and resurrection, is called to be an ambassador of that truth, to bring it to the rest of the world. Jesus loved us fiercely, so much so that he would bear the brunt of our punishment when he deserved none, so much so that he would give us his own inheritance when we deserved none. If that love is not reflected in your life by passing it on to others, then it’s likely that you haven’t really believed it yet.

I encourage you to believe it. If you’re reading this, then you need to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came to this earth as a man, and lived his entire life in perfect righteousness even though he faced every temptation. He was crucified because the world rejected him, but he told his followers that anyone who would believe in him would not be punished, but have eternal life. He died as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. The wrath of God, the just punishment for all of our sin, was placed on him in our place. He did so willingly. He died, and was dead for 3 days. On the third day, he rose from the dead. He appeared to his disciples and many, many more. He defeated death. He defeated Satan. He defeated sin. He offered the gift to us freely. Believe, repent, and be baptized. If you’ve been baptized then you’ve received the Holy Spirit. Jesus says that this means we’ve received power – the same power that raised him from the dead – and he wants us to use it.

Go and tell all the world about what Jesus has done for you and for them. Go and tell them, because they need a savior, just like you did, just like we all did. You hold the key of life in your hand, don’t keep it to yourself. Give it to all who will listen.


Thank you for saving me through Jesus. Thank you for loving me so much that you’d be willing to sacrifice so much for me. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to live and work through me. Empower me to spread the truth of your gospel to all who will hear it.
In Jesus’ Name,

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