April 7 Prayer

April 7 Prayer

April 7 is celebrated as World Health Day, a global event that raises awareness about health issues and highlights the importance of maintaining good health. As part of World Health Day celebrations, many people around the world offer prayers for the health and well-being of individuals and communities. These prayers are often an expression of gratitude for good health and a plea for healing for those who are sick or struggling with health issues. They serve as a reminder that health is a precious gift and that we should take care of our bodies and minds to live a healthy and fulfilling life. April 7 prayers also highlight the need for individuals and communities to support efforts to improve health outcomes, including access to healthcare, education, and resources for healthy living.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for April 7 Prayer. May God Bless You!

April 7 Prayer 1

Lord our God and our Father,
We thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit, who binds us to you. Give us continually afresh something of this Spirit so that we can go forward with light shining on the paths we must follow on earth. Grant us your Spirit, grant that light may break into our whole life and we can rejoice because we experience so much of what you are doing. For through the power of your Spirit you can help us toward your future and all that is to come, that we may live not only in time but in eternity.

April 7 Prayer 2

For all You have given,
Thank You God. For all You have withheld, Thank You God. For all You have withdrawn, Thank You God. For all You have permitted, Thank You God. For all You have prevented, Thank You God. For all You have forgiven me, Thank You God. For all You have prepared for me, Thank You God. For the death You have chosen for me, Thank you God. For the place you are keeping for me in heaven, Thank You God. For having created me to love You for eternity, Thank You God.

April 7 Prayer 3

God in heaven,
Jesus your Son spoke the truth, a truth rejected by many who heard him. We strive to live in that truth—we want our Lenten observances of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to keep us faithful. Make us ever more aware of the life-giving promises that Jesus proclaimed, that we may live forever in your sight.

April 7 Prayer 4

Lord Jesus,
You invite each of us by name and you call us “friends”. Lead us to show as much respect and care for others as we would like them to show for us. Help us to look for and bring out the best in all who share our lives this day.

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