Toosii Sinners Prayer


toosii sinners prayer

Toosii’s “Sinners Prayer” is a powerful and emotional song that showcases the rapper’s introspective and vulnerable side. The track is characterized by its haunting piano melody, melancholic vocal delivery, and raw lyrics that touch on themes of pain, loss, and redemption. Toosii’s performance is particularly impressive, as he effortlessly blends his introspective verses with a catchy and melodic hook that has made the song a fan favorite. Overall, “Sinners Prayer” is a standout track from Toosii’s catalog and a testament to his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deep and personal level.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Toosii Sinners Prayer. May God Bless You!

Toosii Sinners Prayer

I killed what’s a name, they want me to say it All I been doing is praying Load up the cutter and I got to the spraying Do it again if a nigga start playing What’s all that shit he was saying? The last nigga want the last nigga banged ’em They think I’m pussy ’cause I sing a lil’ bit, bitch, I’m dangerous Ain’t never had a shootout with Tydre but bitch, I’m banging Ain’t never had a shootout with J Blyckk, I know he banging They know Amp my right-hand man, he say the word, I get to swangin My chain, it clang when I’m aiming Got fire-star bangers Her pussy so good, said bitch, you might just be an angel Get to dropping, let off shots, he get shot, he an angel We get to dropping, let off shots, he get shot from all angles.

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