St Ambrose Prayer

st ambrose prayer

St. Ambrose, also known as Ambrose of Milan, was a prominent theologian and bishop in the early Christian Church. He is known for his deep devotion to prayer and is credited with composing several prayers that are still used in liturgical settings today. One of his most famous prayers is the “Prayer of St. Ambrose,” which begins with the words “O Lord, who hast mercy upon all, take away from me my sins.” This prayer is a powerful expression of humility and a plea for God’s mercy and grace. St. Ambrose believed that prayer was essential for spiritual growth and encouraged his followers to make prayer a regular part of their daily lives. His example of devotion to prayer continues to inspire Christians around the world today.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for St Ambrose Prayer. May God Bless You!

St Ambrose Prayer 1

loving Lord Jesus Christ,
To the table of your most delightful banquet in fear and trembling, a sinner, presuming not upon my own merits, but trusting rather in your goodness and mercy. I have a heart and body defiled by my many offenses, a mind and tongue over which I have kept no good watch. Therefore, O loving God, O awesome Majesty, I turn in my misery, caught in snares, to you the fountain of mercy, hastening to you for healing, flying to you for protection; and while I do not look forward to having you as Judge, I long to have you as Savior. To you, O Lord, I display my wounds, to you I uncover my shame. I am aware of my many and great sins, for which I fear, but I hope in your mercies, which are without number. Look upon me, then, with eyes of mercy, Lord Jesus Christ, eternal King, God and Man, crucified for mankind. Listen to me, as I place my hope in you, have pity on me, full of miseries and sins, you, who will never cease to let the fountain of compassion flow. Hail, O Saving Victim, offered for me and for the whole human race on the wood of the Cross. Hail, O noble and precious Blood, flowing from the wounds of Jesus Christ, my crucified Lord, and washing away the sins of all the world. Remember, Lord, your creature, whom you redeemed by your Blood. I am repentant of my sins, I desire to put right what I have done. Take from me, therefore, most merciful Father, all my iniquities and sins, so that, purified in mind and body, I may worthily taste the Holy of Holies. And grant that this sacred foretaste of your Body and Blood which I, though unworthy, intend to receive, may be the remission of my sins, the perfect cleansing of my faults, the banishment of shameful thoughts, and the rebirth of right sentiments; and may it encourage a wholesome and effective performance of deeds pleasing to you and be a most firm defense of body and soul against the snares of my enemies.

St Ambrose Prayer 2

O Lord,Jesus Christ,
king of everlasting glory, behold I desire to come to you this day, and to receive Your Body and Blood in this heavenly Sacrament for Your honor and glory, and the good of my soul. I desire to receive You, because it is your desire, and You have so willed it; blessed be Your Name forever. I desire to come to You like Magdalene, that I may be delivered from all evils, and embrace You, My only Good. I desire to come to You, that I may be happily united to You, that I may henceforth abide in You, and You in me; and that nothing in life or death may ever separate me from You.

St Ambrose Prayer 3

Remember, Lord,
Your creature, whom You have redeemed with Your Blood. I repent my sins, and I long to put right what I have done. Merciful father, take away all my offenses and sins; purify me in body and soul, and make me worthy to taste the holy of holies. May Your Body and Blood, which I intend to receive, although I am unworthy, be for me the remission of my sins, the washing away of my guilt, the end of my evil thoughts, and the rebirth of my better instincts. May it incite me to do the works pleasing to you and profitable to my health in body and soul, and be a firm defense against the wiles of my enemies.

St Ambrose Prayer 4

My Jesus,
I love and adore You. You have come to me; I am one with You. I want You to remain with me forever, in this life and in the next. Thank you for allowing me to share Your divine life. May I become more like You through this Sacred Food. Let me never take you for granted, but always pray for those whose lives are dark with sin and ignorance and selfishness. Let me remember, in the words of Saint Paul, that “there, but for the grace of God, go I.” Each day, I can become more like You, O Lord. And each day I can pray for those who have never heard the Gospel, or who have heard it and rejected it.

St Ambrose Prayer 5

My good Jesus,
I pray You to bless me; keep me in Your love; grant me the grace of final perseverance. Help me to become a Saint. Safeguarded by You in soul and in body, may I never swerve from the right road, but surely reach Your Kingdom, where, not in dim mysteries, as in the dark world of ours, but face to face we shall look upon You. There will You satisfy me with Yourself and fill me with such sweetness that I shall neither hunger nor thirst forevermore. Who with God the Father and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns world without end.

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