Shango Prayer

Shango Prayer

Shango is a deity of the Yoruba religion who is worshipped mainly in Nigeria, but also in other parts of the world. He is known as the god of thunder and lightning, and is associated with fire, dance, music, and drumming. Shango is revered for his strength, wisdom, and justice, and is often called upon for protection, guidance, and blessings. Many people who follow the Yoruba tradition believe that offering prayers to Shango can bring them good fortune, success, and happiness in all aspects of their lives. The Shango prayer is a way to express gratitude, seek forgiveness, and ask for blessings from this powerful deity.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Shango Prayer. May God Bless You!

Shango Prayer 1

With the blessing of Olofin,
Olorun and Oloddumare. I request the blessing of my father Shango. King who never knew defeat. You who defeat your enemies breathing fire through your mouth, today I ask you to conquer victory for me. May your energy reign in my life, warding off any Osogbo, and for your greater glory, may I become a worthy representative of yours on earth, full of life, health, and prosperity.

Shango Prayer 2

Mighty Shango,
Umbanda’s Orisha, Father, companion and guide, Lord of balance and justice, helper of the Law of Karma!
You alone have the right to accompany, for eternity, all causes, all defenses, accusations, and elections arising from the disorderly actions of the pure and benevolent acts that we practice.Lord of all the massifs and mountain ranges, symbol and seat of your planetary action in the physical, astral and mental!Sovereign Lord of balance and equity, watch over the integrity of our character.Please help us with your prudence. Defend us from our perversions, ingratitude, antipathy, falsehood, and undue judgment,from the acts of our brothers in humanity.
You alone are the great Judge.

Shango Prayer 3

To my father,
Shango, I ask to open paths and that I can see in my soul, the imperfections that do not let me see the divine light of the Creator.May my body and spirit be healed by his Divine teachings. By my true faith and devotion!Hear my words, and may I be worthy of your forgiveness.This prayer is strong for those who are on closed paths and need to have open doors in life always with the protection of the justice of Orisha Shango. The idea of this prayer is that the body and soul be healed, so if you believe, pray with devotion.

Shango Prayer 4

My Father Shango,
Teach these our brothers the way of good, faith, and charity, so that they may practice good deeds, as our Father Obatala taught us! And that they may learn to give for free what they have received for free.Bless me, Shango, and protect me from all the dangers of daily life and drive away from my enemies and help me to do good without looking at whom, teach me to be my best, to be right and just.Teach me, my Father, to love and respect my fellow men as much as I love and appreciate you. I ask you also, my Father Shango, protect my friends and loved ones from all evil.For those who feel wronged by life and want to change the negative results! For those who suffer from envy and cannot progress in personal, educational, or professional life, Shango will protect you from false friends and will open doors.

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