San Lazaro Prayer

San Lazaro Prayer

San Lazaro prayer is a devotional prayer commonly recited by Catholic devotees in honor of Saint Lazarus, also known as San Lazaro. Saint Lazarus is considered a powerful intercessor for those suffering from illnesses, especially those with incurable diseases. The prayer typically begins with an invocation of Saint Lazarus and a request for his intercession. It then goes on to express the petitioner’s faith and trust in the saint’s power and ends with a plea for healing and blessings. The San Lazaro prayer is believed to have the power to heal both physical and spiritual ailments, and many devotees attest to its effectiveness. The prayer is often recited during the annual San Lazaro feast day on December 17, as well as during personal devotions and in times of need.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for San Lazaro Prayer. May God Bless You!

San Lazaro Prayer 1

Dear Saint Lazarus,
Friend of Christ Incarnate and patron of the poor and the sick. I request your intercession, with the aid of the Holy Spirit; May the Lord, Who prefigured His Resurrection through your own miraculous rising, always guide me in my earthly pilgrimage and protect me in sickness and in health. Together with Saint Martha and Saint Mary, you welcomed the Savior into your home. May I do the same by welcoming Jesus into my heart and serving Him faithfully in my brothers and sisters. Help me to imitate Christ more perfectly.

San Lazaro Prayer 2

Dear St. Lazarus,
Patron and assistant of the poor and sick. With this prayer, I request your assistance, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit, may the Lord always protect me during sickness or in health. St. Lazarus, give me the strength to overcome all the temptations on earth. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

San Lazaro Prayer 3

Blessed be St. Lazarus,
Who shows the greater faith, the importance of the power granted by the Father, and by Jesus to all believers. You have love and compassion for all living beings, including pets. Those beings who, although not human in form, can show humility, love, and compassion worthy of mercy, who only want the good of their masters and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You, protector of dogs and the needy, are the ones to whom I go today in search of my prayers for divine protection for my sick dog. I ask you to put on your mantle of treatment over all the sick creatures of the planet so that adversity and pain do not know them, and so that they may fulfill the great destiny and purpose designated by Our Father, those of protectors and fidelity to man. You are the holy protector of dogs, and I ask you to protect my pet from any evil that wants to persecute him because I cannot alone. I need your help; please intercede for me in my dog so that he may have a long and healthy life at my side. He is my living, faithful companion, and loves me as much as God has taught him. Protect him, Saint Lazarus.

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