Reverse Candle Prayer

reverse candle prayer

Reverse candle prayer is a spiritual practice that involves using a candle to petition for the reversal of a negative situation or outcome. In this prayer, the candle is lit and a specific intention is set, such as the reversal of a health issue, financial difficulty, or relationship problem. As the candle burns, the energy and intention behind the prayer are amplified and sent out into the universe. The candle is usually allowed to burn completely, signifying the completion of the prayer and the release of the intention into the hands of a higher power. This practice is often used in conjunction with other spiritual practices such as meditation, visualization, or energy work to help bring about the desired outcome. Reverse candle prayer can be a powerful tool for those seeking to overcome challenging situations and find a sense of peace and hope in their lives.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Reverse Candle Prayer. May God Bless You!

Reverse Candle Prayer 1

To Stop an Enemy(c) Starr Casas
If you feel someone is burning candles against you; then you need to get a red stick candle and {3} nails. Using a hammer, nail the {3} nails into the candle; on each nail say” I wish my enemy would go away and leave me alone! Make them leave me alone in the name of the Trinity”.
Set the stick candle on a white plate. Mix a pinch of gun powered with some sugar and sprinkle it around the candle. Some ole folks say you can place burnt salt around the candle. They say the burnt salt will drive them away and take away their luck.
Burn your candle for {10} minutes; when the hand of the clock is going downward on Mondays while praying your petition. Blow the candle out when you are done. You are blowing your enemy away from you. Once the candle is finished take it through as many crossroads as you can and leave at the one farthest from your home.

Reverse Candle Prayer 2

Reversal Candle Conjure(c)Starr Casas
When I was first taught how to do reversal conjure I was told to never call anyone’s name. For 30 years I have followed this rule. You don’t have to call a name because spirit knows who has done the dirt. I have been accused a few times of crossing folks up; this is not true. If they got hit then it was because they worked on me to start with and spirit just gave them back what they had sent plus some. One of the reasons I don’t use names in my reversal work is because it might not be who YOU think it is, and then an innocent by stander gets hurt for no reason. So for this type of conjure I always say or write on my petition “all my enemies known and unknown”! This way I leave it up to spirit who gets hit. I am a heavy handed worker so if you throw at me, you WILL get all you threw plus all the power of my spirits back at you.
Now for this work you need a large white candle. I was taught to use white because the color is pure. Write the phrase “all my enemies known and unknown” on your candle. Dress your candle withrun devil run or BlackHawk oil. Take your candle and wipe yourself going downward from head to toe. I don’t cleanse this type of candle or the bowl I am using; at this point I really don’t care what gets sent to my enemy. I add some BlackHawk dirt and a little beer to the bowl then before I place my candle into the bowl I roll it away from me three times; while I am stating my petition. Then I place the candle into the bowl with the dirt.
Unlike the Money work this work is done right on the hour. So you would start the work at 6 pm and let the candle burn until fifteen after six then snuff the candle out, at midnight you would relight the candle, then again at 6 am. Now the 6 am stumped me but because you are working after the hour it works. That is how it was explained to me. This is a very powerful reversal work and if someone has thrown on you just keep your ear to the ground because you will hear about how bad off things have been for them!

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