Return To Sender Prayer

return to sender prayer

The Return to Sender prayer is a type of spiritual prayer that is intended to send negative energy or harmful intentions back to the source. This prayer is based on the idea that negative energy can be sent through thoughts, words, or actions and that it is possible to block or return that energy back to its source. The Return to Sender prayer is often used by those who feel that they are under attack, whether by physical or spiritual means. This prayer can be used to protect oneself from harm, to ward off negative energy, or to send negative energy back to the person or source from which it came. While the Return to Sender prayer may have different forms and expressions depending on the individual or spiritual tradition, it is often seen as a powerful tool for spiritual protection and healing.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Return To Sender Prayer. May God Bless You!

Return To Sender Prayer

I want to stop turning my back on You. I want to use this time of prayer and fasting to surrender myself to You especially in the areas where I feel self sufficient so that I can be who you birthed me to be. Let Restoration be a place where people can turn back to Yeshua so that they can know and grow in who You are. In Yeshua’s name,

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