Outlaw’s Prayer

Outlaw's Prayer

The Outlaw’s Prayer is a popular country song that has become a favorite among many fans of the genre. Written and recorded by Johnny Paycheck, the song tells the story of a man who has lived a rough life and finds himself in desperate need of divine intervention. The lyrics are poignant and powerful, and many listeners relate to the struggles and challenges that the protagonist faces. The Outlaw’s Prayer is often seen as a reflection of the country music tradition, which celebrates the struggles and triumphs of everyday people. The song’s message of redemption and hope resonates with many, and its popularity has helped it to become a classic of the genre.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Outlaw’s Prayer. May God Bless You!

Outlaw’s Prayer

When you come back to get your children, an’ take ’em beyond the clouds, “To live forever in Heaven with you: well, I’d sure hate to be in this crowd. “You know, Lord, I’m not perfect; some even call me no count. “But I’ll tell you: I believe a man is judged by what’s in his heart, not what’s in his bank account. “So if this is what religion is: a big car, a suit an’ a tie, “Then I might as well forget it Lord, ’cause I can’t qualify. “Oh, by the way, Lord, right before they kicked me out, didn’t I see a picture of you? “With sandals an’ a beard. Believe you had long hair too.” “Well, this is Paycheck, signing off. “I’ll be seein’ you Lord, I hope.

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