Ochosi Prayer

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Ochosi Prayer. May God Bless You!

Ochosi Prayer 1

Great Ochosi,
Whose arrow can pierce the sky
Whose steps, though light make earth tremble
Whose shadow strikes the uninitiated and shines light upon the initiated
I pray to you for great protection against my foes and against ill fate
Protect me as you have protected all who pray to you with pure heart and good intentions
Protect me as I protect those who are weaker than I
I will serve the Light if you do this now.

Ochosi Prayer 2

Like the Sun shining from Heavens
Breaking through clouds and ether
Your arrow pierces through lies and deceit
I am small and earthbound and so I pray
That you’ll show me the Light and Wisdom
So that I can enjoy this day and many more to come.

Ochosi Prayer 3

With the blessing of Olofin,
Olorun and Oloddumare, today I ask the blessing of the warrior Orishas Oggun and Oshosi, so that their presence always accompanies me, that my wars are their wars, that my struggles are theirs, as well as my triumphs shine. in her name. My shelter is in the hands of the healers of the mountain, Ogun and Oshosi always support me and keep me firm on this land. Ashe to iran eshu.

Ochosi Prayer 4

I respect the spirit of iron. Ogun I salute you. Today in my prayers I will give him my respect
I praise my Father Osoosi. I praise him himself, the owner. I praise the owner of the river bank. I praise the wizard of the forest.
The spirit of the hunter got people used to clearing the bush to make a farm. Ogun used the other sword to cut a path from one side of the forest to the other.
Spirit of Iron and spirit of the hunter, we give him (he realizes what is being offered and asked for). Give us peace. Do not cause rupture in our house.

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