Obatala Prayer

Obatala Prayer

Obatala is a revered deity in the Yoruba religion, which is practiced primarily in West Africa and in the diaspora in the Americas. Obatala is associated with creation, purity, and wisdom and is considered to be the father of all orishas. In Yoruba religious practice, prayers to Obatala are often recited during rituals and ceremonies. These prayers may include offerings such as white clothing, food, and drink, which are believed to please Obatala and encourage his blessings. One example of an Obatala prayer is “Obatala, Orixá maior, pai da criação, da sabedoria e da pureza, venha nos abençoar e nos proteger.” This translates to “Obatala, greatest Orixá, father of creation, wisdom, and purity, come to bless and protect us.” Obatala prayer is an important part of the Yoruba religious tradition, reflecting a deep reverence for the divine and a desire for spiritual guidance and protection.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Obatala Prayer. May God Bless You!

Obatala Prayer 1

Dear Father Obatala,
We reverence you in our prayers, with respect and love. Hear our prayer! Open with this prayer my ways!
We pray to you, Beloved Father, to lead us with your faith and pour your blessings upon us, so that we may become stronger and stronger and vibrate in tune with our divine creator. Free us, Beloved Father, from the obstacles that stand in our way, so that they do not obstruct our faith, nor cause discord, anger, sorrow, and hatred. Help us, Divine Obatala, to develop patience, perseverance, forgiveness, charity, faith, hope, and love of neighbor.

Obatala Prayer 2

My Father Obatala,
On this day that begins, I come to ask for peace, joy, and your great axé!
Clothe me on this day with Your Baba Light and destroy the darkness that crosses my path and my peace.
Wrap me in your white cloth of peace, in your Light, every moment of my day.
May Your wise help be my companion throughout the day, and enlighten my day through Your divine inspiration.
May I meet on this day, people whom I can trust and share Your energy of peace, bringing comfort to those in need, and may I receive only the good emanations of people’s power.

Obatala Prayer 3

O mighty Father Obatala,
The greatest of the Orishas, supreme aspiration of our hearts’ desires, we walk to your clarity, clearing all our steps in the dawn of each day.
May the light, the eternal light which the Lord has shed and pours out every day, cover the heads of those who are bound to you in a stream of faith, and a single thought raise our prayers.
Obatala! Our Father, give us the grace to weep sincerely for our faults committed, and with a spirit of humility, to purify ourselves through faith and charity. May we obtain in prayer the Obatala, cleaning the dwelling place of our hearts, banishing all that is mundane, vice, hatred, and evil, in the certainty that with this humility, we will reach the peace of the Lord.
Father Obatala, you know that human reason is weak and can deceive us, but true faith in life cannot be betrayed.
Thank you, Father Obatala, for all that you have given us and give us this day. We all hope united that the Lord in His goodness and the course of His search for the truths will choose us to be some more of Your close friends.
May it be so! Hear our prayer, mighty Obatala.

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