Mcgi Community Prayer

The MCGI (Members Church of God International) Community Prayer is a significant event that takes place every day. Members of the church gather together in front of their televisions or devices to participate in a simultaneous global prayer led by the church’s leaders. This prayer is an opportunity for members to connect with each other and with God, as they lift up their voices in unison to seek divine guidance, strength, and blessings. The Community Prayer is also an expression of the church’s belief in the power of prayer, and its commitment to fulfilling its mission of spreading the Word of God to all corners of the world. Through this daily prayer, MCGI members demonstrate their deep faith, unity, and devotion to God and to one another.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Mcgi Community Prayer. May God Bless You!

Mcgi Community Prayer 1

Lord Jesus,
I pray for our community. Each of the people in our community are important to you Lord Jesus. You died so that each of them could experience freedom and eternal life. You desire for each of them to be saved.

Mcgi Community Prayer 2

God our Refuge,
We plead for peace for our city. We pray that You will calm this storm of rage and violence that has overtaken our city. Help us to work together to resolve the issues that are triggering anger. May we who have sinned against others repent, and may we receive forgiveness and restoration from You and from those we have offended. We pray for a spirit of unity, love, and peace to drive our thoughts, actions, and words.

Mcgi Community Prayer 3

Loving God,
We lift our children up to You. The children in our city have gone through so much disruption in their lives. Many of them have suffered significant losses. Show us how to best minister to them – to provide their basic needs as well as keep them safe and give them hope. Help their parents to support them well and not be overwhelmed with all the challenges our community is going through. Bless our children.

Mcgi Community Prayer 4

Lord our Strength,
Please empower us with the perseverance we need to continue working to improve our city. Sometimes it seems we are taking one step forward and two steps back. Strengthen our fortitude to keep pressing on, no matter what the obstacles and challenges. May we be steadfast and unwavering in our prayers for this city, and in our practical actions to turn things around. Encourage us, we pray, by showing us ways our work is bearing fruit. We thank You for Your strength.

Mcgi Community Prayer 5

Righteous Judge,
Help us not to seek revenge or bear a grudge against our neighbors in this community, but to love them as we love ourselves. Help us to forgive those who have wronged us and pray for those who have mistreated us, so You will forgive our offenses against You. Soften our hearts, Lord, to love our enemies and to do good to them, just as You are kind to those who are ungrateful and evil.

Mcgi Community Prayer 6

Sovereign Lord,
You have commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Help me to do that in my community and throughout my city. Help me understand the problems my fellow people are going through and find ways to help them in ways they need it most. Help me to love others no matter what their race or other differences. Help me to receive their love as well. Help me not permit grievances to block giving or receiving love.

Mcgi Community Prayer 7

Our Rock, we pray for stability in this city that has been tormented with disunity and discontent. Give us all wisdom on how to move forward successfully. Help us to strive to understand the others’ perspectives, and to find common ground. Give us insight into what will best solve the complex problems we are facing. Help us to negotiate a new path that will be better and brighter than before.

Mcgi Community Prayer 8

Our Protector and Shield, defend us from anything that would crush hope in our community and city. May confident expectation that good things are on the horizon rise up in our hearts. May we, individually and collectively, look to You as our ultimate hope and our champion. Give us faith in place of despair, and resilience in place of resignation. Turn our anguish and desperation into elation and assurance.

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