Jesus Malverde Prayer

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Jesus Malverde Prayer. May God Bless You!

Jesus Malverde Prayer 1

Today before your Cross prostrate Oh Malverde my Lord I ask you for mercy and to relieve my pain! You who dwell in Glory and are very close to God listen to the sufferings of this humble sinner Oh! Miraculous Malverde Oh! Malverde my Lord grant me this favor and fill my soul with joy. Give me health Lord, give me rest, give me well-being and I will be happy.

Jesus Malverde Prayer 2

Oh, Holy Jesus Malverde,
you who perished to help the poor,
help me in this need in the
that I need money.
Look at the injustices in which I am living,
that today, the money I have is not enough and
I find myself in a situation where I need your help.
Take pity on me, dear Malverde and help me in this request,
appease my suffering with your holy grace.

Jesus Malverde Prayer 3

Dear and divine Malverde,
Holy protector of the innocent and the most needy,
protect me today and tomorrow from my enemies,
of all those who want to harm me and see me fall.
Protect me saint Malverde from all the evil that I can
reach me and make me stumble and even die.
Make me invisible in the eyes of the stalkers,
and deliver me from adversity, have mercy on me.

Jesus Malverde Prayer 4

Oh, dear Malverde,
You who, being a man, were pure of heart,
Help my soul find love.
Loneliness always accompanies me, and my
soul asks another so that they may be one.
Holy Malverde, grant me my request and send
love to my life, don’t let me continue alone,
Fill my life with love and happiness, in your holy name.

Jesus Malverde Prayer 5

Divine and just Malverde,
May your grace and mercy be with me each day.
Help me to be victorious in each of my battles,
and deliver me from my enemies and from all evil that
can touch me and make me fall.
Teach me to help the most needy, and to have
a pure heart like the one you had.
Fill my life with peace and love.

Jesus Malverde Prayer 6

Jesús Malverde,
I direct my prayer today,
have mercy on me and fill me with your grace.
You who are the saint of the less favored,
help me this time.
I come to you to ask you for a favor,
I ask you (say the favor you need).
Please grant me this request, that by my
own means I can not achieve it,
listen to my prayer and perform a miracle in my life,
I ask all this with great humility.

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