Elegua Prayer

Elegua Prayer

Elegua is a deity in the Afro-Caribbean religion of Santería and is also revered in other traditional African religions. He is often considered the messenger of the gods, the opener of doors, and the guardian of crossroads. The Elegua prayer is a form of invocation or petition addressed to this deity, seeking his protection, guidance, and blessings. The prayer may be recited as part of a larger ritual or as a personal supplication. The Elegua prayer is an important part of Santería and other African religions, serving as a means of connecting with the spirit world and seeking assistance from the gods. It is a powerful expression of faith and devotion, and a reminder of the deep spiritual traditions that continue to be practiced in many parts of the world.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Elegua Prayer. May God Bless You!

Elegua Prayer 1

With the blessing of Olofin,
Olorun and Olodumare. I ask for the blessing of my father Elegua. Owner and guardian of the keys to all roads, every day of my life I implore your mercy and your company. Protect me from walking on dark paths full of setbacks and osogbos, rather, push me along the paths of good, those that forge my good character and lead me to fulfill my destiny successfully.

Elegua Prayer 2

Oh my father,
Here I am your son (Full name and sign) reciting this prayer, it is not my intention to bother you, but the concern and disturbance generated by the person who goes by the name (name of the enemy) forces me to come here and beg you to help me win this war.
You who always emerged victorious from conflicts, you who with great skill were able to get out of traps and managed to be the greatest of the Orishas, ​​I ask you to get rid of my arayeses (enemies), be the one who fights my wars and Help me to defeat my enemies, so it will be because you never let me fall.

Elegua Prayer 3

Who divided Earth and Sky
Separated Man from Demons and Gods
Who Heals and Damages at Will the Living
Protect my Health, my Livelihood and All I Hold Dear.

Elegua Prayer 4

My powerful Elegua,
My creator, makes him look for me even today urgently, saying that he wants me by his side forever.
That he can’t forget me, that he misses me and that he realized that I am the only real woman/single true man that he found and always dreamed of having in his life and that he is sorry for having made me suffer these months.

Elegua Prayer 5

Grant me the grace to give myself for I know that I will make him very happy, for in me is his haven.
May he always is faithful, dedicating his life, will, and love to make me happy.
Show me your power and a sign, even today, of this feeling that has discovered that he feels for me, a sign that he is helping me in this long and suffering love story, I have always loved him and I want him to love me and take me on too.

Elegua Prayer 6

By the powers of this prayer to the Orisha,
Eshu of Souls (beloved person) will now turn away from him, that he no longer wants to see her, nor talk to her. And that she feels disgusted and hatred from him and also does not want to see (other person’s name) anymore and that they do not want to talk to each other anymore, and that they lose contact definitely and hate each other forever.

Elegua Prayer 7

I need your real help as Elegua creator or as a doctor. I know you have suffered a lot in life, but it is at this time of much pain and affliction that I beg your will in my powerful protection.
Heal me of all evils, all my excesses Your Skull! Please, I know you don’t have a ridge at your address, but you do have an influential gatekeeper. Knowing that salt burns like fire, I will cast seven stones of salt into a bonfire and be sure to be cured of all evil!
Give me health, prosperity, will, respect, and confidence in my mighty walk of life that today is in a void.

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