Daily Devotional – Judges 17:6 – April 1, 2023

“In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”
Judges 17:6

It seems like “those days” may be a lot like these days that we live in now. Sure, we have a president instead of Judges, but it still seems like the predominant mindset of our world and culture is that everyone should do what is right in their own eyes. Truth is no longer fact, but simply whatever anyone wants to believe. Even Christianity has been affected by it. The idea of “only God can judge” has evolved to mean that Christians can’t rebuke and correct sin anymore because it would be “judgemental.” Many self-proclaimed Christians don’t even believe all of what the bible teaches. They pick and choose whatever fits into the ideas that they like and that seem good to themselves.

Let me be clear.

There is a King, his name is Jesus. There will be judgement, and right and wrong will not be determined by the eyes of the beholder. Truth will be truth and lies will be lies. Sin will be condemned for what it is, not celebrated. Don’t fall into the trap that Satan has laid for us by convincing the world that what’s right is whatever feels good. Don’t believe the lies that sin isn’t actually all that bad. Remember the truth. Sin separates us from God. Jesus came to this earth so that we may not be condemned for our sin but to be set free from it. Lately, it seems like more and more people are choosing not to be set free at all. It’s kind of like the Israelites after God rescued them from slavery in Egypt who complained and wished they could go back to slavery. It makes no sense. Yet, we are living in a fallen world corrupted by such thinking.

Don’t buy into this worldview. Remember that there is a King. Remember that he is righteous and he has showed you how to be righteous too. Remember that he will deliver you to an eternal kingdom where this only goodness and truth. But you have to believe in him, not in yourself. You have to believe in his righteousness, not your own. Thank God for that, because if it’s up to my own righteousness, I don’t stand a chance.

Don’t forget who our King is, and that he is sovereign over all. His righteousness is the guidepost for our lives. Seek him, not the world. Follow him, not yourself.


Don’t let me be tempted by the philosophies of our modern world. Let me follow the one true King, Jesus. Let me always hold fast to your truth and the authority of the scripture. Redeem my sin and rescue me from my bondage.
In Jesus’ Name,

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