Bikers Prayer Poem

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Bikers Prayer Poem. May God Bless You!

Bikers Prayer Poem 1

Lord, Almighty Father,
Thank you for giving us motorcycles.
Thank you for loving those who ride.
Thank you for the protection,
The special love you’ve saved for us-
And the pride you take in the creation
Of every single one.
Thank you for showing us
That even in the darkest times,
When one of us has lost our life-
Thank you for being so amazing,
And for keeping the rest of us alive.
We do not understand why some must go,
So painful to remember them-
So painful to know,
That it could have been me.
I thank you each and every day
For keeping my family safe.
I thank you for bringing me home,
To say “I love you” to everyone-
That means something.
Thank you for bringing me such amazing friends,
When we ride together-
When we feel the wind,
We know we are all safe
Because we know you love us to the very end.
For those families who have lost
Thank you for helping them grieve,
Lord thank you for showing us
The beauty in your love.
A few final words-
I pray you always protect us
When we ride alone-
I pray when we ride in groups,
That you remind people in cars
That we really go first.
Lord remind those who don’t ride
That in the end,
That big SUV will keep them safe.
Remind them, Lord, that when we’re hit-
It’s head to the ground,
And we’re lucky if we make it.

Bikers Prayer Poem 2

May the sun rise in front of me
May the rain fall behind me
And the wind follow me.
May the angels of my brothers and sisters
Who have gone before me
Guard my travels
For they know the perils
Of the road ahead of me.
Keep me safe through the rough city streets
On my way to the land of swirling turns
And rolling hills.
Let the colors of fall keep me warm
Let the eagle guide me to the mountaintops
Let the moons light guide me
Through the night.
May my tires not fail me
Nor my engine grow old
May my bike draw life
From the streams i pass.
Keep my seat soft and my mind sharp
Let the air of spring breathe life
Into my soul
To journey to another adventure
Besides my brothers and sisters.

Bikers Prayer Poem 3

Dear Lord,
The dawn is breaking And the day is mine And my heart is aching To go for a drive You see I need to escape I don’t wanna stay inside I love the freedom that I feel When I ride my bike The sound of the engine Is music to me It gets my heart pumping Makes me fall to my knees I say Lord protect me As I live in the dream Set my soul and my spirit free O Lord you are glorious As the sunlight on the lakes O Lord your hope dances Like the grasses as they sway O Lord your truths are awesome As the mountain range Today I’m gonna ride a wave of praise And heavens racing To meet me as I speed As your love surpasses The darkness that I feel So I wont forget those Who I’ve lost through the years Today I will remember without tears For the dawn is breaking And the day is ours And my heart is aching To feel close to you now You see I feel you with me As I travel on my way May I ride through your Love and grace today.

Bikers Prayer Poem 4

May the sun rise in front of me, the rain fall behind me and the wind follow me.
May the Angels guard my travels for they know what is ahead of me.
Keep me safe through rolling hills and swirling turns.
Let the eagle guide me to the mountain tops.
Let the moons light guide me through the night.
Lord, thank you for letting me be a biker.

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