Ben Porat Prayer


Ben Porat Prayer

The Ben Porat prayer is a traditional Jewish prayer that is recited by parents over their children. It is believed to offer protection and blessings to children, and is often recited as a daily prayer. The origins of the Ben Porat prayer can be traced back to the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible, where the prayer was spoken by Jacob to his son Joseph. The prayer is known for its powerful words and symbolism, and is often seen as a symbol of hope and faith for parents who wish to offer their children guidance and protection. Today, the Ben Porat prayer remains a cherished tradition in Jewish families around the world, and continues to hold significant meaning for those who recite it.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Ben Porat Prayer. May God Bless You!Creator, God,

the Universe, whatever you address the divine life force as, to give you the strength and consciousness to always radiate compassion, kindness, and forgiveness toward everyone you meet, and to always feel a deep sense of appreciation for everything you have in your life, right now, so you never cast a jealous eye toward another human being.

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