Archangel Jophiel Prayer

Archangel Jophiel Prayer

Archangel Jophiel is one of the seven archangels in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and is known as the Angel of Beauty and Illumination. Many people believe that praying to Archangel Jophiel can help bring a greater sense of peace, calm, and serenity into their lives, as well as help them to better connect with the beauty and wonder of the world around them. Archangel Jophiel is often associated with helping people to develop a greater appreciation for nature, art, and aesthetics, and can be called upon to provide guidance and support when seeking to cultivate a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. Whether you are looking to deepen your spiritual connection or simply seeking a little bit of guidance and inspiration, the Archangel Jophiel Prayer can be a powerful tool for anyone seeking to bring more beauty, light, and love into their lives.

Please read the prayers below which will provide guidance for Archangel Jophiel. May God Bless You!

Archangel Jophiel Prayer

The angel of beauty, I thank God for making you such a blessing to people who are seeking beauty in their lives. Please help me notice and appreciate how the beauty of our Creator is reflected in every part of creation—including me. Help me see myself the way God sees me—as someone whose body, mind, and spirit are completely beautiful because they reflect the work of God who made me and loves me without limits.
Empower me to respond well to the barrage of messages that society sends me every day, telling me that somehow I’m not beautiful enough. Whenever I encounter one of those messages (from advertisements to social media postings), reminds me that, in truth, I am beautiful. Help me develop the habit of focusing my thoughts on what God says about me rather than on what other people happen to say about me.
My body is unique and wonderful because it was specially designed by God to function in amazing ways. Help me not to worry about any of the differences in my body from the bodies that God has given other people. I may not be as tall as I’d like or have the color of eyes or type of hair I’d prefer. Maybe one of my facial features bothers me, or my figure isn’t what I’d like it to be… so what? God has made me who I am for good purposes. Give me the confidence I need to accept my body fully and appreciate its distinctive beauty. Encourage me to take good care of my body, as well, through such healthy habits as eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.
My mind is a powerful gift from God. Bring beautiful thoughts into my mind so I can deal with every situation in my life wisely and from an accurate perspective that reflects the beauty of God’s truth. Give me the strength I need to turn my mental focus away from ugly thoughts that don’t reflect God’s healthy and positive values. Teach me to think critically about the thoughts that enter my mind so I can learn to recognize which ones are really true, concentrate on those, and let the rest go. Empower me to change patterns of unhealthy thinking that fuel addictions from which God wants me to break free. As my mind is flooded with lots of information each day, helps me to concentrate, absorb, and understand what’s most important. Let me constantly be learning something new that God wants me to know. Give me fresh creative ideas each day for solving problems, working on projects, and expressing my thoughts and feelings in ways that bring joy to myself and the people who know me.
My spirit is a treasure with eternal and infinite value. Help me to grow closer to God every day by discovering more about God’s holiness and developing those same virtues in my own life. Teach me to be a more loving person above all since God’s essence is love. Let me be able to sense the presence of God’s spirit with me. Help me to trust in the beauty of God’s purposes for me and to know that, whenever I pray, God will respond in beautiful ways to work out each situation for the best.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer 2

In the name of God,
I AM THAT I AM and in the name of Christ within me, I call on Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine. Thank you for holding the Flame of Wisdom for humankind until they can invoke it for themselves.
I ask you to teach me the way of wisdom and blaze the flame of Illumination through me and make me aware of my divine plan. Show me how to bring forth my Christ Consciousness and connect to my Higher self, my Christ self.
Please help me to absorb information when needed and give me instant recall when taking exams.
Give me the understanding that can help me to resolve any conflicts in my life.
Please dissolve all ignorance, pride, and narrow-mindedness from my being and teach me the correct use of power in my crown chakra. I ask that my heart, my mind, and my soul be educated.
I ask that the mysteries of God be revealed to mankind, as we raise our consciousness.
Expose the infamies of men and fallen angels and let that which is hidden in government, science, education, medicine, and food production be revealed.
Please help to expose what is hidden in the curing of terminal diseases, the war on drugs, global warming, pollution, and the environment.
Please bring to our attention the effects of certain types of music on evolution and our daily lives.
I ask to be delivered from profound levels of ignorance and to be taught how to contact my Higher Self and to communicate directly with God through my Holy Christ Self.
Help me to absorb the elements of the Mind of God. Help my mind to be transformed by the Mind of Christ. Teach me how to commune with the Mind of God and to experience self-knowledge.
Please help those people who are addicted to smoking. Help them to understand that the use of nicotine creates a density in their brain that prevents divine intelligence from flashing forth through their brains. Please encourage those people who are attempting to give up smoking and show them that giving up this habit will increase the flow of spiritual illumination to them through the brain and central nervous system.
Please release advanced teaching methods to parents, teachers, and people who sponsor the youth of this world. “
Let it be done according to God’s holy will.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer 3

Archangel Jophiel,
Thank you for your wisdom and protection. Please continue to bless and protect me so that I may continue to live in the beauty of the universe.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer 4

Archangel Jophiel,
Please grant me your blessings and protection.
Help me throughout my life to be free from all harm. I ask this not only for myself but also for my loved ones.
Help me find peace in my heart and the courage to face the obstacles of life.
I ask you to guide me on the right path. Show me what is real and what is fake by revealing the truth.
Please lead me through darkness into your light. Bless me with love, hope, health, happiness, prosperity, and security.
Give me the wisdom of mind and body so I can help those in need. Let me be a reflection of your strength, beauty, and power.
Thank you Archangel Jophiel for your presence in my life.

Archangel Jophiel Prayer 5

Dear Archangel Jophiel,
Please help me to keep fighting for all of the things that I believe in and make a difference in my life and the lives of those around me.
Please help me to bring about a positive change in the world.
I ask for your guidance, protection, and support as well as your wisdom and knowledge as I go about my day-to-day life.
Please help me to remain positive, focused, and motivated so that I can achieve all of the goals in my life.
Please help me to recognize the gifts that I have been given and use them for my highest good.
Please give me the strength, courage, and determination to follow through with all of my ideas so that they can be brought forth into this world.
Please fill me with your angelic light so that I can share it with others in need.
Thank you Archangel Jophiel for all of your help and support.

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